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I got some reader requests for more Bored Money entries. Remember, this category is for stuff that I feel has a relatively low reward-to-effort ratio. This usually includes things that involve taking surveys or that involve smaller or non-guaranteed payouts, as compared to the fatter rewards like $100 signup bonuses or free iPods that I put in the Deals & Offers posts. They also tend to be things that are always available. In other words, you can save them until you’re bored!

Coincidentally, I just got another e-mail from As the name suggests, you give them some of your demographic information and they match you up with manufacturers that are looking for feedback on their products. You pick what you like, and it gets sent to you free in the mail. I’ve gotten things from food to soap to various coupons (nothing worth over $10). I just picked up a sample of Swiffer dusters. Just stick to the “Select Samples” area and avoid everything else. The “Tryer Miles” points system is largely useless, as there is nothing to redeem them for.


  1. Playing poker online is so much better than trying to take advantage of all these free deals.

  2. moneysmartlife says:

    A guy at work makes pretty good money trying some cool things out through The latest is a cell phone that you can watch TV on. He made $150 by trying it out for 4 weeks plus got free cell phone calls the whole time, not bad.

    They are only available in certain cities, listed on thier webpage.

  3.…yo DM, i guess you must be in the 1 percentile of poker players that are in the positive cash flow. The rest of them are losers in the long run.

  4. Playing poker online for profit involves both a need for skill (and the time and energy spent to gain that skill) and the chance of losing your principal. If you’re referring to just harnessing signup bonuses, I have played tight and gotten some of those for fun. They also take a while to get as you always need to play a certain number of raked hands.

  5. FreeSamplesFinder says:

    @DM: I don’t agree. Free samples by mail can save you a reasonable amount of money while you can loose your fortune in poker. Wake up dude!

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