Starbucks $5 eGift Card: Buy 1 Get 1 Free w/ Visa

Starbucks is running a holiday promotion where essentially if you buy a ($5 minimum) eGift code, you get a $5 eGift code free. Perfect if you use the Starbucks app to store your codes. Limit 1 per person. Must use a Visa card.

Now through 12/6 the first 75,000 people to send a red cup Starbucks® Card eGift using a Visa® card will receive a $5 eGift on us.


  1. Note, you have to send the card to a different email address, ie can’t send it to yourself (at least at the same email that you are using to purchase).

  2. @Hans – Thanks, good to know. I usually just buy these for my wife and keep the extra for myself (and vice versa if desired). But just using a different e-mail should suffice, as the codes are interchangeable and you can load them on the same card if you want.

  3. Within how much time you get the other 5 dollar gift card?


  4. Tried it several hours ago, still didn’t get the card for me, and yes I used my Visa.

  5. Just a note to pay attention and make sure you order the “Red Cup” eGift card design if you’re trying to get in on the promo. I don’t know how strict they will be about this part of it, but I almost missed that requirement and chose another design. That would’ve been a pretty lame reason to become ineligible for the $5 bonus gift! (Still waiting for the confirmation email for the bonus…)

  6. I just tried it, no free $5 eGift bonus yet. Possibly 75,000 has already been reached and they are not going let anyone know it so they can keep raking it in.

  7. Just confirming that I did receive the bonus $5 eGift card about 9 hours after ordering!

  8. first step says:

    I received the bonus $5 about 14 hours after ordering.

  9. Still no bonus for me. It’s been 24 hours since I ordered the card

  10. I did this yesterday and got the gift ecard 4 hours after the one sent to my wife was opened. Thank you for announcing this promotion!

  11. Finally got the bonus today after I completed this offer on the 7th

  12. Jared Ross says:

    Two weeks later and multiple emails back and forth, I finally called Starbucks. They could not tell me why I didn’t get the $5 card for myself, but they just credited $5 to my account. Frustrating!!!

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