Some Updates

Here are some updates on previous posts –

Bank of America’s Keep the Change program – Signed up at my branch successfully, haven’t used it yet though, keep forgetting.

How To Convert Your Paper Savings Bonds to Electronic Format – Mailed in my bonds, and they are all viewable online now after a little over a week. It’s nice since they update and show you exactly how much they are currently worth, like a bank account. I’ve just been including the face value in my net worth calculations.

Turning the Costco & ShareBuilder offer $50/$75 Opening Bonus into $1000+ – Got my $50 bonus exactly on time as promised, and took out my $54 (due to my mistake) without any problems.

Get $25 from Bank of America for opening a Savings Account – Still haven’t gotten my bonus. They said they didn’t have the code applied to my account, so they re-applied it and I have to wait another 4-6 weeks. Boo.

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