Short Takes

HSBC Direct finally updated their front page, confirming that their 4.80% APY rate hike is indeed only until 4/30. Capital One 360 must be thrilled. The HSBC rate is higher than their 0.75% APY, applies to all deposits instead of just new ones, and lasts 15 days longer.

The Wall Street Journal also reports on these recent rate hikes in their (temporarily free) article ‘Banks Dangle High Teaser Rates‘. Via FW.

JLP of AllThingsFinancial has begun his 24 Days to Better Finances series. Nice and organized, just the way I like it.


  1. This probably means we will not see a real rate increase(when the feds increase) till April end.

  2. It’s too bad I don’t have enough money to really take advantage of this increase.

  3. Sweet deal. Good thing I held out on moving all my money from HSBC to ING. Would have lost a bunch of interest on the way there.

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