Sharebuilder – 5 Free Real-Time Market Trades

Here’s a another Sharebuilder promotion, which will give existing customers 5 free real-time market trades. (New customers should grab their free $50 sign-up bonus with code 50WCFA first and then come back).

Log into your account, click on the “Accounts” tab and then the “Promotions” tab below it. Enter the promotion code HVC09NY and you should see the following confirmation:

Thank you your promo code has been accepted. Happy New Year!

You should also receive e-mail confirmation. To double-check, visit this page when logged in and you should see 5 free trades good until 8/1/10. Credit to flaredup from FW.

These real-time market trades are handy if you want to sell any of your shares, especially any small positions you have, without paying $9.95 a pop.


  1. Fantastic…thank you!

  2. thanks! worked flawlessly.

  3. Seth @ Boy Meets Food says:

    Thank you so much!

    I have several smaller holdings I have been thinking about selling off in the next few months, and since I have 2 Sharebuilder accounts, this actually saved me $100!

  4. Thank you! I opened my account this year and got the $50 account opening bonus, 10 free automatic trades ($40 value), and now these 5 real-time trades (about $50 value)!

  5. MakingItWorkNJ says:

    You are the man! I very recently had started to “pull the trigger” and get in to the market. Maybe not the best time; who knows? But if not now, then when right? I’m taking a small amount from my savings that I accumulated since January (and I’m still putting money into my account from every pay like clockwork). Rather than use the free trades to sell, I may consider using them to do a quick buy sometime in July after my automatic date to rebalance my portfolio with the percentages I want.

    Thanks so much for this tip; this was definitely a good one (as are most of your other ones. 🙂 )!

  6. Avenger2354 says:

    I took there freebies but have since dropped the sharebuilder account. My etrade account is much more investor/trader friendly. You will pay out the nose if you trade more than 1000 shares…only the first 1000 cost $9.99. So to outsmart this, If I had 5000 shares of something, I would have to make 5 trades each of 1000 shares and end up paying $50 in commissions far better than what sharebuilder will charge you for one sell order for 5000 shares but not as cheap as etrades $12.99 for 5000 shares.

    Just my .02

  7. Will these free trades work to trigger an account opening bonus (like the $50 one mentioned)? Or do we need to pay $4 for a trade to trigger the opening bonus, and only then enter this code for 5 free future trades?

  8. Did you get the email from Sharebuilder about the new mobile phone app? There’s a promo that ends tomorrow:

    Receive 2 FREE movie tickets when you make a Real-time Trade through the new mobile app between July 14-16.

  9. code is expired.

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