Sell Your Halloween Candy to Dentists, Who Donate Them to Troops Abroad

ccDo you let your kids create the memories of Trick-or-Treating but not the subsequent cavities from actually eating all that candy? A nationwide network of over 2,500 dentists will buy back your Halloween candy (usually for $1 per pound, up to 5 pounds) at Find a local dentist by zip code; I found the locator a bit buggy but there does seem to be at least a few dentists in most metro areas. You can also skip the $5 and donate via mail or drop off at these Operation Gratitude locations.

The candy is shipped to our troops overseas as part of care packages by Soldier’s Angels or Operation Gratitude. The children may also write letters of support and gratitude to the troops. The soldiers often use the candy to build relationships with the local children. Ideally, your children will (1) avoid tooth decay, (2) earn a few bucks (money lesson opportunity), and (3) help brighten the day of a service-member overseas! Here’s an ABC new segment about the site:


  1. So, besides obtaining unnecessary candy, we are encouraging children to sell unwanted candy? Why don’t we just eliminate candy giving altogether and send the troops a nice handwritten card.

  2. It’s important to teach lessons on finance early, but it’s even more important to inculcate a good, charitable character in our beloved children. Projects like Operation Gratitude reveal the best in our God-given selves. Thanks for this revealing post.

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