Saving money on Life Insurance and my Health Goal by 6/05

As the new year begins, sign-ups for gym memberships skyrocket as people make their (often fleeting) resolutions by signing long contracts that can cause major headaches. However, I have another reason to get in shape this year: Life Insurance. Although I don’t have any kids yet, I am recently married, and I would like to get insurance while I am young and healthy. While browsing for term life insurance rates at sites like and, I found that they were very interesting in my smoking and driving records, as well as blood pressure, cholesterol level, and any other health conditions. If something were to happen now, like getting cancer or diabetes, I could be uninsurable forever…

So far, I have never had to take any medications for high blood pressure or cholesterol, but I have had occasional high levels of cholesterol. I guess eating healthy in college was never a priority. My goal by the middle of this year is to have “healthy” levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, and achieve a reasonable weight level. It looks like I’ll need to lose about 10-15 lbs. for that to happen. When that happens, I will apply for a 20-30 year term life insurance policy. I will spend some time later comparing whole vs. term life insurance, but no matter which way I go this will allow me to save money at the same time getting healthier.


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