How Our Interests Change As Get We Closer To Retirement

Stephen Wolfram, of Mathematica and WolframAlpha fame, used his natural language analysis tools to crunch through a huge set of Facebook data. The results are some interesting visualizations, including a series of charts about how the popularity of a topic varies with age. For example, both men (blue) and women (red) post increasingly more about career and money topics between ages 15 and 30. After that, interest levels stay pretty much constant for the next 30 years. I suppose it’s because virtually all of us are still working until then. πŸ™

Here’s the chart for family and friends; I wonder if the drop in the 20s is due to a focus on finding a partner? Other than that, the gap between men and women seems pretty constant.

A growing gender differential occurs in terms of health-related topics. No wonder us guys don’t live as long. πŸ˜‰

As we get older, we also start to care about the weather more. Sounds stereotypical, but perhaps this means we should plan on retiring to an area with a temperate climate?

These are just a few. View the rest at Found via Gizmodo.


  1. Interesting information. I am surprised career related information does not tapper off a bit between 50-65 as some people are retired early and some people take less or an interest in their career (although I would image some are as engaged as ever during this time).

  2. Interesting stuff. Looking at the charts given here it might seem women talk about stuff more than men. The full data list has a lot of other topics including several that men discuss more : sports, politics, movies, technology, music, video games.
    The one for politics is most stark as men talk about that more and more as they get older.

  3. I saw that too… but I really doubt my interest in politics will increase as I grow older. That would require an increase in stomach lining thickness. πŸ™‚

    The charts about age of friends is interesting as well.

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