Redbox and DVDPlay Promo Coupon Codes

If you aren’t familiar with them, Redbox and DVDPlay are little DVD rental kiosks that only cost $1 per day to rent. Redbox can be found in many McDonald’s, and DVDPlay’s tend to be in Safeway grocery stores. Limited selection, but not bad for some cheap entertainment. Just hope there isn’t a huge line or a broken kiosk when you want to return.

Redbox Free Coupon Codes
Every Wednesday in March, you can visit the Redbox Blog and get a free rental code. The code for March 4th is 75EA16 (tonight!) and is only good that day until Midnight central time. If you sign up for SMS alerts you can also get another free code every Monday.

DVDPlay Discount Coupon
You can get a 75 cent rental with the coupon code WOW75. One use per credit card. Expiration unknown.


  1. I’m a happy Redbox customer, two free rentals this week.
    Also see:

    Blockbuster had a bad week, BBI.

  2. Wow…how cheap can you get !!??!

  3. whats up with bb why are they going bankrupt ?
    its gotta be a no brainer they charge 5 dollars for the same dvd and constantly rent it out ?

  4. Although I haven’t used it much (thanks to Netflix), I’m a big fan of Redbox. Just make sure you return it within 24 hours or you’re automatically charged another $1.

  5. If anyone’s close to Hy-Vee stores, they have a free rental code too. I’m not sure if it works at all Hy-Vees but you enter “hyvee15”

    Dollar saved = dollar earned + free movie!

  6. Redbox excepts DVDPlay DVDs

    Redbox will except a dvdplay DVD (both red kiosks – look alike). Redbox will display the return is successful!
    Redbox gets the DVD! You will pay $24+ per movie to DVDPlay and no DVD for you!
    Both make out. Are they affiliated?!

  7. Beware! Says:
    “Are they affiliated?!”

    They are related. According to, “Redbox began in 2004, using re-branded kiosks manufactured and operated by Silicon Valley-based DVDPlay.”

  8. Then how do dvdplay get away with stating they did not get the movie back if redbox excepts them. They obviously have the same scan codes on the DVDs. I called customer care at dvdplay and was told the DVDs have been lost if they were returned to a redbox kiosk. I’ll be charged 48 dollars on Dec 1st. This has to be another issue where people do not look into this and just pay the “buy fee” for the DVD that they returned. Again SCAM!

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