Real Estate Price Trends Across United States – Zillow

How’s the housing market in your area doing? You can find what Zillow thinks in their Real Estate Market Reports for many metro areas. There are lots of options to play with; you can view different metrics, change the time period, or even compare entire states.

Here’s a graph of Zillow’s Home Value Index for the US as a whole as well as selected large cities over the past decade. As you can see, there was a wide range of price swings from city to city.

It would interesting to see the same chart but with rental rates instead.


  1. We have had some ride in the real estate market, haven’t we? If you look back 10 years the returns on a real estate investment are still looking pretty good.

  2. Why don’t all of the markets have data?

  3. Remembering the good old 600k in Los Angeles days.. haha… now houses don’t sell.

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  5. garrett says:

    I bought a foreclosed town home in newport beach, ca around 8 months ago. It was pretty much the bottom of the market. But prices really havent increased much at all. All the distressed inventory in area is gone, but things arent really going back to normal as quickly as i thought they would. I think its going to be a long, slow, painful process over 5 or more years for thing to get back to normal.

  6. This data have increased slightly and real estate on some places particularly in Omaha, Nebraska is a boom. Hope the real estate market in US will bounce back and completely recover from recession.

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