Presidential Bank to Offer External Funds Transfer

In my most recent Presidential Bank statement, it proclaimed:

Comings Soon! FUNDS TRANSFER SERVICES Use PC Banking to transfer funds to/from your Presidential accounts to/from accounts at other financial institutions.

No specific dates or info on fees, but I’m excited! They are also no longer sending back cancelled checks, only images. This reminds me, Scottrade was supposed to have online funds transfers by “Summer 2006″…


  1. thanks for redoing all that balance transfer info. when i come back from my long trip i am going to do it

  2. offers ACH and for $1 less per trade, it is worth a look

  3. I think the 6.95 pricing got ya, it’s only 5 cents less 🙂

  4. jamie dillon says:

    i think your online savings account comparison link is not working. I hope it’s not down by design; i use it regularly, as do many of my friends and coworkers. Keep up the good work.

    no need to post this, thanks.

  5. ouch, my basic math is getting worse! Nevermind 🙂

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