Plenty of Holiday Weekend Reading

Here are some of the posts that I’ve enjoyed reading through recently:

TiredButHappy is getting flack for her used car. Why must we judge? I secretly like the fact that our cars aren’t worth very much, if only to see if people care. Is that weird? I mean, the IRS doesn’t care whether you take bribes, deal drugs, or steal things, as long as you pay income taxes on it. From AllFinancialMatters.

And while you’re figuring out what to do with all those gift cards, why not consider one of these 25 gadgets that may actually save you money at the Simple Dollar? I want a DDR pad. How much does an old PS1 or PS2 go for these days? Anyone want to trade an iPod nano for a setup with game and 2 pads?

Excel can be a very powerful financial tool, and Experiments in Finance has a great series on Excel function tutorials.

Lazy Man and Money hosted this week’s Carnival of Investing. If you’d like to be a future host, please read about the Carnival here.


  1. I know! How weird is it that as long as you pay taxes you can do almost whatever you want.

  2. I was thinking of getting a DDR as well. Sad part is that I’ve been debating for about 2 years now.

  3. No knock on TiredButHappy, but I don’t think I want to read a blog from someone who lives in a neighborhood where they have to pick up crack vials from their front yard all the time.

  4. DDR is great. Don’t bother shelling out money for a PS2. Get stepmania for free online, and play with a USB compatible pad on your computer. I have every DDR song ever made and more on Stepmania.

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