PayPal Promotion: $15 Off Any $30 Purchase

PayPal is offering a $15 rebate on any single purchase of $30 or more between February 8 and March 31. Valid anywhere PayPal is accepted in the U.S. and Canada, including eBay. You must register your primary e-mail here first.

I always buy my dog’s flea medication from eBay anyways (cheapest price I could find), so it works out great for me. Thanks Tom for the tip.

Added: The page has changed since I first posted this. It appears now to be only open for certain people. For a while, it was available to everyone and even on the front page of PayPal. Bummer.


  1. That’s a pretty obvious scam to get your email address. Also known as a phish attack. The site is hosted at domain but no site exists at that domain. Totally bogus.

  2. Huh? Try doing directly to and look on the top right. It’s good to be cautious, but some simple steps can be taken to verify that this is legit.

  3. is it one time or unlimited times? Coz i could be purchasing tons of stuff if it is unlmited.

  4. It is one time only.

    Limitations. Limit one registration and one $15.00 USD rebate per PayPal Account. Offer available for a limited time. Offer is limited to PayPal users in the United States and Canada. PayPal account must be in good standing prior to and throughout the offer period to qualify.

  5. I think u could purchase giftcards with this. I am not 100% sure though.

  6. Are you serious? You’re telling me it’s legit because there is a link to Paypal in the top right corner?

  7. Sigh… I am telling you that it is legit because if you go to first (type it in yourself, so you know I’m not phishing you), there is a direct link to this promotion.

    Again, FROM the PayPal home page TO this promotion. PayPal has several promotions linking to this domain.

  8. Time to buy gift cards, methinks.

  9. Jonathan,

    This is an intriguing offer, but I don’t see the link on the main page. Maybe I’m blind. Did they already end this deal?


  10. Yes. Yes. Yes, it is legit. There is a long winded thread @ where everyone was questioning its legitimacy. There was a sunflower ad you could click on earlier in the day on the Paypal home page that would lead you to the same thing. I started from the PAYPAL link on EBAY to get to this promotion. They now have a ‘get a $15 cash rebate’ ad right on the PAYPAL home page. So they have my email address now. They had it before as I have a PAYPAL account.

  11. I don’t know if everyone sees the same thing, but here is a screenshot

  12. OK, I definitely don’t see the ad you posted in the screenshot. But I’m going to trust you guys. I’m very secure with my password, so just entering my email should be safe, even if it was a scam (but I think it’s legit).

    Thanks for pointing this out to me!


  13. Ah… I use Adblock Plus for Firefox so I didn’t see it.

  14. Dave’s a genius. Now I feel like an idiot. The ad’s there, and I see it when I disable Adblock Plus.

    Thanks for this awesome tip!

  15. Wow, people are going crazy and questioning if this is legit. Didnt any of you guys do the $10 of $30 and $20 off $50 Google Checkout promo? that was on for like 2-3 months? I bought a shit load of stuff coz it was unlimited during that period. Paypal’s is only ONCE per paypal acc.

  16. I got the Google Checkout $10. I didn’t find a single store that was worth buying anything from. Wish I had those 15 minutes back. These things are all a waste of time. The only way to make money is to work for it. You’ll never make anything from promos, rebates, sales, 2-for-1s and the like. These are all gimmicks designed to make you spend more.

  17. I bought tons of stuff from during the google checkout that was eventually free after rebates and google checkout discount. This was around mid november to mid december.

    Stuff i got

    1 GB flash Drive = free
    2 GB flash drive = free
    Webcam = free
    Printer/photo printer with cartride= $7
    Kensington Laptop bag = $7
    1 GB SD = $5
    Wireless mouse = free
    Magellan 800 GPS = $250 ($50 rebate and $20 off google checkout)

  18. To each their own.

    Personally, I can save $15 on something I needed anyway, and I plan on making that $15 “work for me” by investing it later on 🙂

  19. More importantly, the link you gave to the eBay seller for your FrontLine products is over priced by about $15.

    Try link (that is a direct, non-affiliate link)

  20. Duh. Disregard previous comment. Wasn’t comparing apples to apples. The eBay price looks good.

  21. Another possible blockage (my Adblock wasn’t the culprit) may be Firefox’s script-blocker; I forbid — But the link’s also there by viewing PayPal’s front page with mostly-default-settings IE.

  22. Why couldn’t they have started this promotion on Feb. 1, a couple days BEFORE i bought a Dell toner for $49 on EBay, paid with PayPal. Sheesh, thanks anyway for the tip.

  23. Thanks Jonathan – this rules.

  24. thanks for the tip.

  25. Yep, $47.75 including free shipping (before this coupon) for a 6-pack of Frontline Plus 22lbs is the best I’ve seen online. I’ve ordered from this specific seller ‘bobvet’ 3 times now, all with no problems at all.

  26. Here’s my situation: I run a charity event in Norfolk, VA where people can register ahead of time using PayPal or Google. Right now if you register 2 people for our event you pay $35. Look like with this rebate it would only be $20 for 2 people (which is price we charge for one individual so basically you’re getting 2 for 1). But we (the charitable event) would still get our full $35 as planned. I think we’re a qualified vendor but the following condition worries me a bit before I go advertising for people to save money by using this promotion:

    The following transactions are excluded from this offer: Send Money transactions, payments to Personal Accounts, eBay payments made to Personal Accounts, donations, PayPal Mobile transactions, payments for services, Virtual Debit Card payments, PayPal ATM/ Debit Card payments, payments made when you are not logged into your PayPal account, and PayPal Plus Credit Card payments not made through your PayPal account.

    Technically we’re not asking for a donation because you receive a shirt, cup, magnet, etc. in return for your money (you aren’t legally allowed to write it off). But is a registration fee a service as itemized above? Maybe not since we are “selling” the shirt, etc. package for that price? Anyone have thoughts?

    Our event registration page is if anyone wants to take a direct look at what we “sell”. I think this would be a nice way to recuperate from PayPal the $50 – $100 that they will take from our charitable cause through fees.

  27. If anyone sells through Paypal, this is also a big plus for them as well.

    *Tips hat to Paypal*

  28. I try registering my email and it was denied because
    “this promotion is by email invitation only”

    Apparently, is not stated in the terms and conditions. I tried emailing paypal with no answer..

  29. disappointed says:

    Jose is right. The PayPal offer states-

    You are only eligible for this offer if you receive this offer in an email sent to you directly from PayPal. “

  30. The page has changed since I first posted this. It appears now to be only open for certain people. For a while, it was available to everyone and even on the front page of PayPal. I’ll edit the main page…

  31. It’s true that the PayPal rebate page has changed. Now You are only eligible for this offer if you receive this offer in an email sent to you directly from PayPal. Moreover, Paypal customer service person said you must register it before Feb. 15(no this rule on their term and conditions). I think it’s because too many people registered this rebate so they added lots of limitations now. It’s unfair. Hope every PayPal member can get the rebate. Call PayPal if you want to register this rebate.

  32. Well, I dunno when I registered, but I’ll be trying it shortly with a paypal purchase… I did get the ad in the mail. .. hm… iffy. I did the google check out thing too, but i thought it was one time only, and got a deal on a new book. ( search was advertising it like crazy)… tx for the info everyone.

  33. bull sh*t this didnt work not for me anyways

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