Recommended Reading List for Young Investors


I just finished reading If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly, a free starter book on personal finance by respected author William Bernstein. As the PDF was only 16 pages long, you could probably finish it during a lunch hour or commute. … [Read the rest]

Mortgage Qualification and Credit Scores


Sometimes I wonder what all the fuss about credit scores is about. But mortgage underwriting is one area where it is very important, mostly due to the unwillingness or inability of lenders to look beyond a subprime credit score. Many brokers that … [Read the rest]

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services Review – Low Cost Managed Portfolio and Guidance


Many people hire a financial advisor because they aren't comfortable investing on their own, and they appreciate having an experienced person to talk to whenever they have any questions. However, this usually means paying at least 1% of your … [Read the rest]

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card Review: Two Roundtrip Flights + Companion Pass Info

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card Banner

Southwest has brought back their 50,000 bonus point promo for the Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card. That's worth 2 Roundtrip Flights (over $700 in airfare with no limited-capacity seating hoops or $500 in gift cards) a … [Read the rest]

Everbank 5 Year MarketSafe Treasury CD Review – FDIC Insured Principal, Rising Rate Participation


Interest rates remain very low, but at the same time we are constantly being warned that they could spike up soon. What is a conservative investor to do? Everbank's lineup of MarketSafe CDs are a new wrinkle on FDIC-insured bank CDs that try to … [Read the rest]

Is P2P Lending So Successful That It Doesn’t Need You Anymore?

Being a peer-to-peer lender been a bumpy ride. Prosper Marketplace was first, but if you were an early investor/lender you'd have been lucky to have gotten back what you put in as most people had negative returns. Then came LendingClub with … [Read the rest]

Sam’s Club Membership Deal – Zulily

Deal site Zulily has a special Sam's Club Plus membership deal where for $45 you get over $91 of value: One-year Sam's Club Savings membership ($45 value), which includes a membership card for the primary cardholder and a complimentary … [Read the rest]

Manilla Shutting Down. Online Bill Management Alternatives?


A few readers e-mailed me to let me know that bill management website announced that they will be shutting down. Surprising, as they were just mentioned in Money magazine last month! Manilla will be closing on July 1, 2014. This was a … [Read the rest]

Cheaper Diaper Delivery: Amazon Prime,, or Target Subscriptions?


With the announcement of Target Subscriptions, I wanted to run a quick price check to see how it stacks up with competitors and We're expecting another baby, so we'll be needing lots of diapers soon (cloth just didn't … [Read the rest]

Sustainable Withdrawal Rates from Merrill Lynch Wealth Management


Here's another data point in the debate about safe withdrawal rates, or how much money you can safely withdraw from an investment portfolio each year without running out of money. Merrill Lynch Private Banking recently released a whitepaper on … [Read the rest]

Too Busy To Buy Paper Towels and Soap? New Amazon, Target, and Groupon Shopping Services


Who knew that the next big thing would be toilet paper and soap? We must be running out of things to "disrupt", as everyone wants to deliver household and grocery products to your doorstep. What's next, door-to-door milk delivery? Amazon Prime … [Read the rest]

Hanscom Federal CU Thrive Review: High Interest Starter Account


(Update: As of 5/11/2014 the rate is back down to 3% APY. This is still much higher than most saving accounts and it should still be worthy of consideration.) To celebrate their 60th anniversary, Hanscom Federal Credit Union (HFCU) has increased … [Read the rest]