Social Security Provides Majority of Retirement Income for Most Americans


The Washington Post has a rather depressing article on The New Reality of Old Age in America, which includes the following chart about Social Security: For 1/3rd of recipients age 65+, Social Security represents 90% or more of all their … [Read the rest]

Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman on Mental Accounting

Richard Thaler won the Nobel Prize for Economics this year for his pioneering work in Behavioral Economics. Of course, he promptly said he would spend the prize money "as irrationally as possible". Here's a light-hearted Q&A from the NY Times. … [Read the rest]

Amazon Prime: Buying Add-On Items Without Minimums w/ Alexa


On of the main benefits of Amazon Prime is that you can buy things whenever you want with no minimum purchase requirement, shipped to you for free. Mostly. Amazon classifies some of their lower-priced products as "Add-On" items, which must be … [Read the rest]

MoviesAnywhere: 5 Free Digital Movies After Linking Accounts


MoviesAnywhere is a service that links up movies that you bought online at one retailer and lets you view them on another retailer. For example, you might buy a movie from iTunes and watch it from Amazon Video. This "digital movie locker" service … [Read the rest]

Amazon Cash: Add $25, Get $5 Bonus Credit


Updated. Amazon is running a new promotion that gives you $5 Amazon bonus credit if you add $25 via Amazon Cash. Amazon ran a similar promo earlier this year that expired, so note that this one is only valid if you haven't used Amazon Cash … [Read the rest]

RealtyShares Update: My First Loan Default and Foreclosure Recovery (Ongoing)

Here's an update on my debt investment at RealtyShares. The borrower stopped paying for unclear reasons, and as a result this is my first investment to go into foreclosure proceedings. I am still hopeful for a full recovery of my principal and … [Read the rest]

20% off at Amazon with 1 American Express Membership Rewards Point (Targeted)


Amazon has a targeted promotion offering a 20% off your Amazon purchase (max discount $50). This may be targeted to people with an eligible American Express card with Membership Rewards points linked in their account. If you have one … [Read the rest]

Amazon Music Unlimited: 4-Month Free Trial with Eligible Citi Credit Card


Update: The previous $10 credit sold out quickly, but Amazon has brought back this promo with a $5 credit. Still better than nothing if you missed it initially. :) Here's a quick and easy offer for new subscribers to Amazon Music Limited. Even … [Read the rest]

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: The Benefits of Being Mostly Optimistic


Eric Barker writes at and his talent/skill is synthesizing hundreds of different sources of academic research and historical anecdotes into actionable ways to improve your life. That's kind of a crowded field these days, but I … [Read the rest]

S&P 500 Total Return: Still Doubled From October 2007 to 2017


In early October 2007, the S&P 500 index hit just over 1,500 - an all-time high. You might have been concerned, or you might not have even noticed. Less than 2 years later, the financial crisis occurred and the S&P 500 dropped 50% down to 750 … [Read the rest]

Kelly Criterion and Your Fun Money Allocation

Do you think you're a below-average driver? I didn't think so. In the same vein, Jason Zweig had a funny tweet the other day that hit home: Admit it: You do it, too.— Jason Zweig … [Read the rest]

Consumer Reports: Top 10 Cars Reaching 200,000 Miles (Updated 2017)


Consumer Reports has an updated for 2017 list of the 10 vehicles (including cars, SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks) that reached 200,000+ miles according to their big annual car survey. Here's the list based on the total number of responses … [Read the rest]