5% Cash Back Credit Cards: Rotating Categories Update 2014


3nd quarter activation now open for all cards.  Chase Freedom $200 bonus ends 6/30. The cards below offer a hefty 5% cash back on certain categories that rotate each quarter. With a little extra attention, I can easily rack up hundreds of dollars in … [Read the rest]

Amazon App Store: Over $100 in Paid Apps Free 6/27 6/28 Only


If you have an Android phone or tablet, check out this Amazon App Store promotion which has a bunch of paid apps for free, Friday and Saturday only. As usual, I just grab whatever looks good now while it is free and then later delete the ones I … [Read the rest]



Update: There is now a 2-way tie for the most beautiful girl in the world. As we welcome our newest addition, posting will be lighter than usual for the next couple of weeks (years? decades?). Looks like early retirement might have to be pushed … [Read the rest]

Applying for Multiple Bank Accounts: Can You Apply For Too Many?


Updated. If you open multiple bank accounts in order to take advantage of higher interest rates or sign-up bonuses, you may be concerned about any potential consequences from all that activity. In my experience, there are two main factors to be … [Read the rest]

Cash Reserves & Best Interest Rates Update – June 2014


Our family keeps a full year of expenses put aside in cash reserves; it provides us with financial stability with the additional side benefits of lower stress and less concern about stock market gyrations. Emergency funds can actually have a better … [Read the rest]

Reader Story: Early Retirement by Age 40 with Income-Focused Portfolio


The following is a guest post contributed by reader Bob, who started getting serious about financial freedom about 10 years ago and plans to reach early retirement next year at age 40. Thanks Bob for candidly sharing about your personal … [Read the rest]

Infographic: Economic Mobility Based On Income and Geography


Infographic creation site Infogr.am recently gave the Best Data Story award (Data Journalism Awards 2014) to the interactive article In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters from the New York Times. Sometimes NYT articles have such a clean … [Read the rest]

Chase Freedom $200 Limited Time Offer

(Update: A reminder that you can now activate your 5% cash back at gas stations and Kohl's for 3rd quarter 2014. Just did mine. Don't forget!) The Chase Freedom® - $200 Bonus has a new limited time promotion offering a $200 Bonus after you make $5 … [Read the rest]

The Largest Consumer of Electricity In US Homes Besides A/C Is…


Most people will guess that the heater and/or air conditioner is the biggest source of electricity usage in the average home. But what about the second-largest? The HD DVR Cable Box, at least according to the LA Times (what about water … [Read the rest]

Prosper vs. LendingClub Investor Returns 19.5 Month Update


In November 2012, I invested $10,000 into person-to-person loans split evenly between Prosper Lending and Lending Club, looking for high returns from a new asset class. After diligently reinvesting my earned interest into new loans, I stopped my … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Lesson #2: Earn More vs. Spend Less


Here's more of my "old man wisdom" about early retirement. I call it that because the lessons that I learned may or may not fully apply to you, but they worked for me and that is why I'm sharing them. Last time I talked about savings rates and how … [Read the rest]

Cable Bill Haggling Revisited

Recently it was time again to haggle my cable bill (I still get a steady stream of success story comments on that post). Actually, I ended up just switching to DSL as I'd been having some ongoing speed issues with my cable internet. I'll take the … [Read the rest]