5% Cash Back Credit Cards: Rotating Categories Update 2016


Updated June 2016. Activation for 3rd quarter now open. Chase Freedom 5% back on Wholesale Clubs (including Costco, Sams Club, and BJs) extended until September 30th. Other notable 5% categories include restaurants, home improvement stores, and … [Read the rest]

New Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi Review


Updated June 2016; Now open to new applicants. Citi and Costco have released the details of their new co-branded credit cards, the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi and the Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi. Here's a quick overview of t … [Read the rest]

Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service (PAS) Fee Schedule


From time to time, people ask to send me details of their current portfolio for some advice. I usually decline respectfully as I don't feel qualified to provide specific investment advice, but I did accept a copy of the general fee schedule for … [Read the rest]

I Tried Harry’s Free Razor Trial and This Is What Happened…


...that's the ad text that they used to target me, apparently someone who may be interested in bright-orange, modern-looking razor blades. I couldn't find the exact ad again, but a similar one is to the right. (Alternate title: Harry's Free Trial … [Read the rest]

Reasons For Owning High-Quality Bonds

Here are some helpful resources on owning only bonds of the highest credit quality as part of your portfolio asset allocation. David Swensen in his book Unconventional Success argued that alignment of interests is important. With stocks, the … [Read the rest]

529 Plan Interactive Comparison Map and Tax Deduction Calculator


The Vanguard 529 College Savings Plan (based in Nevada but open to all state residents) is one of the consistent Morningstar top-ranked 529 plans and one of my three personal finalists when choosing a plan for myself. While poking around the … [Read the rest]

Investing 1% Of Your Portfolio Into Gold

A reader recently sent me a set of articles by Scott Burns about a person he calls the Rational Gold Investor here and here. I've been a long-time reader of Scott Burns because while he has been a steady proponent of passive and low-cost investing, … [Read the rest]

Big List of Bank / Credit Card Privacy Opt-Out Links


If you have any sort of financial account, you've probably gotten one of these privacy forms in the mail: The information they are talking about can include: Social Security number How much you make (Income) How much money you have … [Read the rest]

WalletHub Review: Free Daily TransUnion Credit Score and Report


Here's a quick review of a new credit service called WalletHub. While the stated mission is to help improve your financial situation, at its core is a service that offers free credit score, free credit reports, and free credit monitoring. In … [Read the rest]

WiseBanyan Review: Free Portfolio Management Experiences & Screenshots


Updated May 2016. WiseBanyan has made some changes to their product. The highlights: New logo, mobile-responsive site design, and smartphone apps. Tax-loss harvesting now available as paid feature. WiseHarvesting is their first premium … [Read the rest]

Free FICO Score from Wells Fargo Credit Cards and Loan Borrowers


This post provides updated information and instructions regarding the free FICO score that is available to Well Fargo credit card holders and select loan borrowers. Accessing your own FICO Score will not impact your credit score. Background. … [Read the rest]

Follow-Up Review: Costco Freezer Meal Plan From 5 Dollar Dinners


A while ago, I wrote about a meal planner service called $5 Dinners that provided instructions on how to make 20 slow cooker meals for $150 at Costco. You go to Costco, buy exactly what is on the provided shopping list (6 pack of chicken breasts, … [Read the rest]