Best Interest Rates on Cash Savings – September 2017

Interest rates are slowly waking up from their multi-year slumber, so I'm paying closer attention to the various changes each month. Don't let a megabank pay you 0.01% APY or less for your idle cash. Here is my monthly roundup of the best safe … [Read the rest]

AirBnB Free Temporary Housing for Hurricane Harvey Evacuees


The devastation done by Hurricane Harvey has been heartbreaking. AirBnB has a special disaster relief program that helps connect those in need of temporary housing with generous hosts that are willing to open their homes free of charge to evacuees. … [Read the rest]

Discover Card: Free Social Security Number Monitoring and New Account Alerts


Discover has a new free alert service available to Discover cardholders on an opt-in basis. I must have missed the initial announcement. This is not complete identity protection (which usually costs a monthly fee of $10 or more) but the … [Read the rest]

Free 3-Month Tidal Premium Subscription Voucher Code


Ready for more music? Groupon is offering a free 3-month subscription of Tidal Premium music streaming service, which usually costs $9.99 per month. The standard free trial offer is only for 30 days. Promotional value expires 30 days after … [Read the rest]

S-Corporations vs. LLC: Example of Self-Employment Income Tax Savings


Updated. I have been the President and CEO of a profitable US corporation for over 10 years. I'm also all the other executive positions - CIO, CFO, COO - as there is only one employee (me). Here's a brief overview of why I chose to incorporate … [Read the rest]

The Rise of Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, and S-Corporations


The Tax Foundation has an interesting article on pass-through businesses, where the business income "passed-through" to the individual income tax return of the business owner. Pass-through businesses include sole-proprietorships, partnerships, … [Read the rest]

Municipal Bonds vs. Treasury Bonds Yield Gap: Liquidity Risk


In my personal portfolio, I've been investing in tax-exempt municipal bonds instead of treasury bonds due to their higher taxable-equivalent yields. If you've done the same, you may be interested to know that Larry Swedroe at Advisor Perspectives … [Read the rest]

World’s Most Popular Online Course: Learning How to Learn (Free)


The NY Times highlighted what is "arguably the world’s most successful online course", Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects by Drs. Oakley and Sejnowski and sponsored by the University of California, San … [Read the rest]

Amazon Prime: Spend $25, Get Free Snack ($5-$8 value) and Free Vitamins ($10-$25 value)


(Update: Amazon is also offering free vitamins with a $25+ order. If you haven't done the snack deal below yet, you can stack them and get both a free snack and free vitamins with a single $25+ order.) Amazon Prime members who spend $25 or more … [Read the rest]

Discover Bank: 1.15% APY + $150/$200 Bonus ($15,000/$20,000 Deposit)


Discover Bank is offering a refreshingly straightforward bonus for their online savings account. If you open a new account through this promotion link by 10/2/17 and use the offer code S817, you can receive one of the following … [Read the rest]

Kanopy: Free Movie Streaming for Library Cardholders and Students


Looking for high-quality streaming content? The NY Times recently highlighted a new video streaming service called Kanopy, which has partnered with 200+ public library systems and educational institutions to offer access to 30,000 movies free of … [Read the rest]

GiftsforBanking CD Review: 2-Year CD at 1.85% APY + Gift Valued Up to ~1% APY

applew has a unique FDIC-insured certificate of deposit that pays out a mix of traditional cash interest and a physical gift. The underlying bank is, which is in turn a division of Flushing Bank. Via DepositAccounts, … [Read the rest]