Investment Returns By Asset Class, 2016 Year-End Review


Although I am not always successful, I've been trying to pay less attention to the daily, weekly, even monthly movements of the markets. Once every few months, I will update my portfolio spreadsheet and make sure that I am investing new money … [Read the rest]

5% Cash Back Credit Cards: Rotating Categories Update 2017


Activation for 1st Quarter 2017 is open. Do it now before you forget. The credit cards below offer a hefty 5% cash back on certain categories that rotate each quarter. It takes a little extra attention, but I also rack up over a hundred dollars … [Read the rest]

Spare5 App Review: Earn Less Than Minimum Wage In Your Spare Time


Find yourself bored on this holiday break? Spare5 is a new entrant in the world of "earn money in your spare time". You sign up and do short tasks on either their smartphone app or desktop web browser. They pay cash via PayPal weekly or donate … [Read the rest]

ETF Tax-Loss Harvesting: 70% Overlap Rule of Thumb for Substantially Identical


Tax-loss harvesting (TLH) is a common practice used to improve after-tax returns by realizing losses to either offset realized capital gains or to defer capital gains into the future. Many robo-advisors including Betterment and Wealthfront offer … [Read the rest]

Happy Holidays from My Money Blog


Earlier this month, we welcomed a third wonderful child into our family. (Yes, I know, the picture on the sidebar is really old...) We are truly blessed. I am also grateful for many other things, including your continued readership. While … [Read the rest]

Amazon Audible: Free $25 Amazon Credit + Two Free Audiobooks with Prime


If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can stack two current offers to get free $25 Amazon credit and a free 2-month trial to Audible (1 free audiobook per month). If you don't have Amazon Prime, you could start a 30-day free trial and/or consider … [Read the rest]

Amazon Assistant Browser Extension: $5 off $25 Promotion


Amazon Assistant is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. I usually don't like these "helpers" as they slow down my computer and track my every movement even more than usual, but Amazon is offering a $5 off $25 coupon if you … [Read the rest]

Flexible Spending Account Reminder: Last-Minute FSA Expenses Ideas


Updated. Here's my annual reminder to use up your Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts before the end of the year. First, here are some possible exceptions: Some plans allow a grace period until March 15th of the following year as opposed … [Read the rest]

Year-End Portfolio Rebalancing: Impact on Returns vs. Risk


As we close in on the end of the year, it is a good time to take stock of your investment portfolio. If you haven't already, you should consider rebalancing your portfolio back towards your target asset allocation. Overall, this means selling … [Read the rest]

Last-Minute Gifts: Amazon Gift Card Discounts and Free Stuff With Purchase


I guess they came up with another named day... "Last-Minute Monday"! Amazon is offering up lots of discounted gift cards and/or bonus stuff with gift cards for procrastinators, most guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. Click, click, done. Some of … [Read the rest]

Free Gillette Razor With Picture Upload


Here's a throwback to when free razor samples were everywhere - Gillette is running a Welcome Back promotion where if you share your story about how you tried Harry's, Dollar Share Club, or another razor brand and want to come back to Gillette, … [Read the rest]

Amazon App: Free $5 Credit + $5 off $10 Code for New Users


Here are two quick offers for those who haven't used the Amazon smartphone/tablet app before - available on iOS and Android/Fire OS devices. There's one for installing the app, and another for making your first purchase through the app. The first … [Read the rest]