Reader Question: Good Time To Lower International Stock Exposure?


Here's a reader question on international equities that reflects some of what I've been reading elsewhere and thinking about in my head: I was doing my mid-year rebalance and noticed that international equity funds did terrible over the past 10 … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Portfolio Income, 2016 Mid-Year Update

I like the idea of living off dividend and interest income. Who doesn't? The problem is that you can't just buy stocks with the absolute highest dividend yields and junk bonds with the highest interest rates without giving up something in return. … [Read the rest]

By $10 Starbucks Gift Card, Get $15 Value with Visa Checkout

Starbucks is selling $5 boost on a gift card purchase of $10 or over if you buy them using Visa Checkout instead of credit card directly. If you can still buy a gift card at the link, the promotion is should still be alive. Otherwise ends 8/18/16. … [Read the rest]

Free Airport Lounge Pass with LoungeBuddy and Visa


Update: LoungeBuddy ended the offer really early. Sorry! LoungeBuddy is a smartphone app that helps you navigate airport lounges around the world. Their new promotion offers a free airport lounge pass (up to $40 value) when you book with … [Read the rest]

Google Play Promo: 75% off any Movie Rental


Here's another small but easy promotion. Get 75% off any movie rental on Google Play with code PAYPALCAUS. If you click on the link, it should already be applied. So a $4 rental will only cost you a $1. Redeem by 8/31/16 and rent by 10/31/16. … [Read the rest]

SPG 20% Transfer Bonus: 20,000 Starwood Points = 30,000 American Airlines Miles


American Airlines (AA) has a new promotion on transferred Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Starpoints, where they will add a 20% bonus on any transferred AA miles from 8/1 to 9/14/16. Starpoints are already quite flexible and transferrable to … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Portfolio Asset Allocation, 2016 Mid-Year Update


Here is a roughly mid-year 2016 update on my investment portfolio holdings. This includes tax-deferred accounts like 401ks, IRAs, and taxable brokerage holdings, but excludes things like our primary home and cash reserves (emergency fund). The … [Read the rest]

Download Free App, Get Free $10 AppStore Amazon Credit


[Read the rest]

Home Country Bias in Stock Market Investing


Vanguard has a new research paper about global asset allocation. One of their findings was that market-cap-weighted indexed portfolios provided higher returns and lower volatility than the average actively managed fund. Thus, they suggest that a … [Read the rest] Funeral Price Comparison Website


Talking about death is always an awkward topic (even though it will happen to all of us), but this is my version of the many similar PSA-type funeral articles you'll come across in personal finance magazines and columns. The standard advice: If … [Read the rest]

The Power of Default Settings: 401(k) Auto-Enrollment


A new ProPublica article by Lena Groeger discusses the power of default settings in our life - from organ donations to computer font settings. Included was an interesting case study of a company who implemented automatic enrollment into the company … [Read the rest]

New Fidelity Rewards Visa Credit Card Review: 2% Flat Cash Back


Updated with new info for both new and existing customers. Fidelity has (mostly) converted their rewards credit card line-up to a single version - a Visa Signature issued by Elan Financial Services (subsidiary of US Bank). For new customers, the … [Read the rest]