Money is Independence.


As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation's Declaration of Independence, I wanted to quickly share this excerpt from an article The Millennial Definition of Success by Adam Nash, CEO of Wealthfront: Increasingly, as I talk to Millennials, some … [Read the rest]

Rewards Dining Programs and Avoiding Airline Miles Expiration Policies


As I am now a father of two in diapers and no longer an active traveler, I am again faced with the possible expiration of my frequent flier miles due to inactivity. The easiest and cheapest way for me to keep my miles alive has been to using … [Read the rest]

Do You Need International Bonds In Your Portfolio?

Bonds are supposed to provide both income and stability in your portfolio. International bonds, especially Emerging Markets bonds, are becoming more popular. But do you need them in your portfolio? Respected author/money manager William … [Read the rest]

Australian “Social Security” to Raise Retirement Age to 70 by 2035


The current "full" retirement age for Social Security is 66, although you have the option to start taking benefits at a permanently reduced rate at age 62 (did you know that over 35% of people take this permanent ~25% cut in benefits!). The full … [Read the rest]

Capital One 360 Financial Independence Day Promo 2014


Capital One 360 is running their annual Financial Independence Day promotion, with what is traditionally the best bonus of the year for their 360 Savings and 360 Checking accounts. (Formerly known as ING Direct.) These online bank accounts offer no … [Read the rest]

Expedia $50 off $200 Coupon Code

Expedia has a 4th of July promotion where if you use their mobile app you can get $50 off a $200 hotel booking. That's up to 25% off. Pretty simple... go to link, enter mobile phone number, receive both unique coupon code and mobile app download … [Read the rest]

5% Cash Back Credit Cards: Rotating Categories Update 2014


3nd quarter activation now open for all cards.  Chase Freedom $200 bonus ends 6/30. The cards below offer a hefty 5% cash back on certain categories that rotate each quarter. With a little extra attention, I can easily rack up hundreds of dollars in … [Read the rest]

Amazon App Store: Over $100 in Paid Apps Free 6/27 6/28 Only


If you have an Android phone or tablet, check out this Amazon App Store promotion which has a bunch of paid apps for free, Friday and Saturday only. As usual, I just grab whatever looks good now while it is free and then later delete the ones I … [Read the rest]



Update: There is now a 2-way tie for the most beautiful girl in the world. As we welcome our newest addition, posting will be lighter than usual for the next couple of weeks (years? decades?). Looks like early retirement might have to be pushed … [Read the rest]

Applying for Multiple Bank Accounts: Can You Apply For Too Many?


Updated. If you open multiple bank accounts in order to take advantage of higher interest rates or sign-up bonuses, you may be concerned about any potential consequences from all that activity. In my experience, there are two main factors to be … [Read the rest]

Cash Reserves & Best Interest Rates Update – June 2014


Our family keeps a full year of expenses put aside in cash reserves; it provides us with financial stability with the additional side benefits of lower stress and less concern about stock market gyrations. Emergency funds can actually have a better … [Read the rest]

Reader Story: Early Retirement by Age 40 with Income-Focused Portfolio


The following is a guest post contributed by reader Bob, who started getting serious about financial freedom about 10 years ago and plans to reach early retirement next year at age 40. Thanks Bob for candidly sharing about your personal … [Read the rest]