E-File Federal and State Tax Extension Online For Free (Updated 2018)


Updated for 2018. This year, the deadline for federal tax filing is Tuesday, April 17th, 2018. If you file for an extension, you can extend the time allowed to file your return by six months to Monday, October 15, 2018. (It does not extend the time … [Read the rest]

Blooom Review: Flat Fee Financial Advice (CFP) + Free 401k Analysis


The numbers tell us that you probably have a 401k and you're probably managing it yourself. Blooom (yes, with three Os) is a new company that focuses on providing advice for 401k, 403b, 457, and TSP accounts with modest balances, charging a flat … [Read the rest]

Graphic: The Fall of Pensions, The “Rise” of 401ks and IRAs


Above is a historical chart of US household retirement assets that helps visualize the shift from mostly pensions to mostly a combination of defined contribution plans (401k, 403b, etc) and IRAs. Pension share has gone from nearly 80% of total … [Read the rest]

H&R Block Desktop Tax Software 2017: Fed + State $17.99 (Flash Sale)

Deal of the Day again 4/4/18. The benefit of "old-school" desktop tax software is that it doesn't require your Social Security Number and financial details to be stored in the cloud (third-party server where it can be sold or hacked). Here's a … [Read the rest]

Chase Freedom & PayPal: 5% Back on Federal Income Tax Payments

The Chase Freedom Visa card has updated its quarterly 5% cash back categories for April 1st to June 30th, 2018. One of the eligible cash back categories is PayPal. April is also the time to make both income tax payments along with 2017 tax returns … [Read the rest]

5% Cash Back on Groceries, PayPal, and Chase Pay – April to June 2018


2nd Quarter 2018 has begun! The credit cards below offer a hefty 5% cash back on categories that rotate each quarter. It takes a little extra attention, but I also rack up over a hundred dollars in additional rewards per year without changing my … [Read the rest]

Book Sale: A Random Walk Down Wall Street + The Intelligent Investor

(Update 4/7: Random Walk is no longer on sale, but Intelligent Investor is still $2.99.) Amazon has the Kindle version of two investment classics on sale for $2.99 each at the moment. These are savings of over $10 from the usual price. A … [Read the rest]

Popular Direct Exclusive Savings Account Review


(Update 5/18/18: Looks like the rate is now down to 1.85% APY. This is why I don't like switching savings accounts nearly as much as locking in a good CD rate.) The Popular Direct Exclusive Savings account, offered under the FDIC certificate of … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – April 2018


This WSJ article had a chart that illustrates why I run this update every month. Deposit rates at the big banks will stay low for as long as enough people don't move their funds elsewhere. The rising Fed rate changes nothing by itself. However, if … [Read the rest]

Tip: Buying Amazon Gift Certificates with an American Express Prepaid Rewards Card


Many promotions will offer a "$50 cash card" sent to you in the mail. I recently received such a $50 American Express Prepaid Rewards card that looks exactly like the image shown in the top-right corner. I am horrible with gift cards and coupons … [Read the rest]

Spending More Money Is Easy. Finding “Enough” Is Hard

Starwood Hotels sent me an e-mail with the subject "Family Traditions at St. Regis with Nacho Figueras". I had no idea who Mr. Figueras was, but you mention "family traditions" and I'm going to click on that like a sucker. It turned out to be a … [Read the rest]

Dinnertime: Which Meals Offers The Most Nutrition Per Dollar?


Here's another interesting Priceonomics study, this time analyzing the cost and nutritional content of common American meals. For each meal, we then derived a health score based on domain experts and the the nutrient-rich foods index (NRF9.3), … [Read the rest]