Real Estate Crowdfunding Experiment #1: Patch of Land Final Update


My first investment into real estate crowdfunding has completed. In April 2015, I invested $5,000 into a fix-and-flip loan at the site Patch of Land. There are more details in my initial update, but here's a quick recap of the loan … [Read the rest]

Reminder: Check your IRA Beneficiary Designations


According to the stats, you probably funded your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) at the last moment this month (assuming you fund them at all). If we tend to procrastinate about saving, then we also probably put off estate planning. One of the … [Read the rest]

Secret Shame: Will We Ever Talk Openly About Money?


We may not like to talk about our own money, but we sure like to read about other people's money. The May 2016 cover story for The Atlantic magazine is The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans by Neal Gabler: The Fed asked respondents how they … [Read the rest]

Higher Savings Rate vs. Higher Risk Portfolio


An article on the Vanguard Advisors Blog discussed the trade-offs involved in adjusting an investor's savings rate and the risk level of their portfolio - Investor success: Measured in dollars, not (per)cents. A portfolio’s value can grow t … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Portfolio Income Update, April 2016


I like the idea of living off dividend and interest income. Who doesn't? The problem is that you can't just buy stocks with the absolute highest dividend yields and junk bonds with the highest interest rates without giving up something in return. … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Portfolio Asset Allocation Update, April 2016


It has been a while, so here is a 2016 First Quarter update on my investment portfolio holdings. This includes tax-deferred accounts like 401ks, IRAs, and taxable brokerage holdings, but excludes things like our primary home and cash reserves … [Read the rest]

RealtyShares Sign-Up Bonus Promo Code


Update. RealtyShares has a referral program that offers a new customer who is referred by an existing client a $100 cash bonus after linking a bank account. I am no longer available to provide referrals as I have maxed out the limit, but you may be … [Read the rest]

Real Estate Crowdfunding Experiment #2: Fundrise Income eREIT Review


Updated June 2016. My second real estate crowdfunding investment is $2,000 into the Fundrise Income eREIT. (REIT = Real Estate Investment Trust.) Their investment claim is being the "first ever low-fee, diversified commercial real estate … [Read the rest]

John Oliver on Why The Credit Report Industry is Awful

John Oliver of HBO's Last Week Tonight did a humorous monologue on why credit reporting bureaus are awful. Appropriately, it was last week and I finally got around to watching the 18-minute video tonight. Here is the full video link, embedded … [Read the rest]

Savings I Bonds May 2016 Interest Rate Update

New fixed rate as of May 1st, 2016 is 0.1%, the same as the last 6-month period. The variable inflation-indexed rate is 0.16% (as was predicted). Thus, buying a new I Bond between May 2016 through October 2016 will earn a composite rate of 0.26% for … [Read the rest]

IRA Contribution Stats: Are You a Non-Procrastinating, Consistent Maximizer Unicorn?


Besides being the tax return deadline, Monday April 18th, 2016 is also the last day to make a contribution to a Traditional or Roth IRA for the 2015 Tax Year. For both the 2015 and 2016 Tax Years, the maximum annual contribution limits are $5,500 … [Read the rest]

Nickel: Kid Allowance App + Debit Card + Set Your Own Custom Interest Rate


If you're reading this, you obviously value financial knowledge and creating a secure life for you and your family. If you have kids, then you want them to develop the same skills. The NYT bestseller book The Opposite of Spoiled explored the many … [Read the rest]