Back to Basics: Create Your Own Investing Priority List


Happy New Year! You want to perform a check-up on your finances. Where should you be putting your money? I'm searching through my archives and doing a series on classic financial topics called "Back to Basics" . The Vanguard blog recently … [Read the rest]

Sam’s Club $25 Discount – New and Renewal Memberships

Sam's Club has a new deal that can get you a $25 gift card when you join or renew your membership. Here is the deal link, but everyone who does the Facebook share ends up at this page (in case you don't do Facebook). Print it out (or load on … [Read the rest]

Five Ways To Get a Free Credit Score (No Trials!)


Updated for 2015. I always check all of my credit reports at the beginning of the year, but I also track my credit activity year-round with free credit scores from all 3 bureaus for free. The government allows you to get a free credit report once … [Read the rest]

Big List of Free Consumer Reports (2/2): See Your Confidential Housing, Insurance, & Employment Data

Updated for 2015! As these are available only every 12 months, it is a good idea to check them the same time each year. Here is the second part of my big list of free consumer reports from over 50 different reporting agencies. The first part … [Read the rest]

Big List of Free Consumer Reports (1/2): See Your Confidential Credit, Banking, and Payday Lending Data


Updated for 2015! Since these are available every 12 months, it is a good idea to check these near or around the same time each year. There are many companies out there that make money by collecting and selling data - your personal data. In the … [Read the rest]

Investment Returns By Asset Class, 2014 Year-End Review


I don't always check my portfolio performance, but when I do, I do it at the end of the year. Here are the trailing 1-year returns for select asset classes as benchmarked by passive mutual funds and ETFs. Return data was taken from Morningstar … [Read the rest]

Flexible Spending Account Reminder: Use It Or Lose It!

Here's the annual reminder to use up your Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts! I still dislike these things, but it is what it is. Note: Some plans allow a grace period until March 15th of the following year as opposed to a December 31st … [Read the rest]

Cook It Yourself: Learn a Skill, Save Money, Improve Your Health


I'm still into the "Cook It Yourself" movement/meme/trend/whatever. If you're looking for a new year's resolution and consider yourself a DIY person, why not CIY in 2015? Knowing how to cook simple, delicious food is a great skill to have and it … [Read the rest]

Season’s Greetings!


Thank you very much for reading My Money Blog this year. It's now been over 10 years... where has the time gone! I still look forward to learning and sharing something new every day. Here's hoping that you are happy, healthy, and moving ever … [Read the rest]

Gyft Promo Code: $5 off $25 Gift Cards to Target, Home Depot, More


Gyft just sent me an e-mail that you can get $5 off your gift card purchase of $25 or more with promo code LASTMIN, good for existing customers. Expires very soon on 12/25/14 at noon PST. (Note: If you are a new user, get your new user free $5 … [Read the rest]

Straight Talk Promotion Codes: $20 off $45 Unlimited Monthly Plan Card + SIM


Straight Talk is a prepaid MVNO that offers the ability to buy SIM cards that you can pop into any AT&T-compatible, T-Mobile-compatible, or unlocked GSM phone. This includes many Samsung Galaxys and iPhone 5s that you can buy refurbished or on the … [Read the rest]

True Meaning of Christmas: Making a Charitable Giving Plan


If you celebrate Christmas, you may have seen this quote about keeping with true values behind the holiday: Want to keep Christ in Christmas? Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, forgive the guilty, welcome the unwanted, care for the ill, love your … [Read the rest]