Store-Bought Rotisserie Chicken: An Economic Analysis


Costco's $4.99 rotisserie chicken is about as famous as their $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. It's cheap, but is it a good value? Priceonomics went out and did an real-world experiment using store-bought rotisserie chicken. You may have noticed … [Read the rest]

OpenSignal LTE Network Comparison: T-Mobile vs. Verizon


OpenSignal (mentioned previously) crowdsources cellular coverage and speed maps directly from individual network users. They recently released the August 2016 update to their State of Mobile Networks USA Report, which was based on 2.8 billion … [Read the rest]

The Vanguard Effect on ETF and Mutual Fund Expenses


The following chart taken from this Bloomberg article by Eric Balchunas shows the drastic difference in expense ratios when Vanguard has an offering in an asset class or not. Like Walmart arriving in a new town, the entry of Vanguard into a … [Read the rest]

Infographic: Income vs. Cost-of-Living For All 50 States


The NY Times has an article called What $100 Can Buy, State by State. You know I can't resist a good 50-state infographic. The first chart is basically a cost-of-living comparison. The findings shouldn't be too surprising. Stuff and … [Read the rest]

Discount Mags Employee Discount Sale

moneymag2016 is having an Employee Discount Sale which actually has some good prices for many popular magazines. Their prices also don't require auto-renewal, which I like as you don't have to remember to cancel and it allows you to easily shop … [Read the rest]

Ting Review: Bring Your Existing Phone, Referral Discount, Now Cheaper Data

Ting provides mobile phone service with a "pay-only-for-what-you-use" and "bring your own phone" structure. I recently switched my parents over to Ting from Republic Wireless so that they could use our older iPhones (easier for them, easier for us … [Read the rest]

Republic Wireless Review: New $20/Month Plan, Phone Options, SIM Cards


Republic Wireless provides mobile phone service, specializing in making phone calls seamlessly over WiFi. They are not afraid to make big changes and take risks in trying to be more competitive in their offerings. While their 2.0 Refund plans … [Read the rest]

Best Buy: 10% Off All Prepaid Phone Cards


Best Buy has a sale offering 10% off prepaid phone cards. The "top-up" options include Verizon Prepaid, T-Mobile Prepaid, AT&T GoPhone, Cricket, Net 10, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, TracPhone, Simple Mobile, Locus, and H20. Cricket Wireless … [Read the rest]

Pay Your Rent with Credit Card With No Fees With RadPad and Android Pay


Update: This offer was ended early, basically saying they had to break their word because they were faced with huge losses. Not a well-run promotion. With a new promotion by RadPad and Android Pay, you can pay your rent with a credit card (Visa, … [Read the rest]

Free Two-Month Pandora One Subscription


Groupon is offering a free two-month subscription of Pandora One personalized streaming radio service, which usually costs $4.99 per month. This upgrade from the free version offers no ads, fewer station pauses, and more skips. This is … [Read the rest]

Google Photos: Unlimited Free Photo and Video Backup + Free Up Phone Storage


Updated August 2016. I have been using Google Photos as a free online backup for an Apple iPhone for a year, and it has worked very well and saved me money on iCloud. The app has a new-ish feature called "Free Up Space" that automatically … [Read the rest]

Hours of Work Needed to Buy S&P 500, Gold, and Oil


Here's an interesting series of charts that measure how many hours of work it has taken to buy various things like the S&P 500 index, an ounce of gold, or a barrel of crude oil. You could see it as an alternative to adjusting historical prices by … [Read the rest]