The Largest Consumer of Electricity In US Homes Besides A/C Is…


Most people will guess that the heater and/or air conditioner is the biggest source of electricity usage in the average home. But what about the second-largest? The HD DVR Cable Box, at least according to the LA Times (what about water … [Read the rest]

Prosper vs. LendingClub Investor Returns 19.5 Month Update


In November 2012, I invested $10,000 into person-to-person loans split evenly between Prosper Lending and Lending Club, looking for high returns from a new asset class. After diligently reinvesting my earned interest into new loans, I stopped my … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Lesson #2: Earn More vs. Spend Less


Here's more of my "old man wisdom" about early retirement. I call it that because the lessons that I learned may or may not fully apply to you, but they worked for me and that is why I'm sharing them. Last time I talked about savings rates and how … [Read the rest]

Cable Bill Haggling Revisited

Recently it was time again to haggle my cable bill (I still get a steady stream of success story comments on that post). Actually, I ended up just switching to DSL as I'd been having some ongoing speed issues with my cable internet. I'll take the … [Read the rest]

Groupon Deal: Starbucks $10 Gift Card for $5

Groupon is selling a $10 Starbucks Gift Card for $5. Limited quantities, otherwise ends 6/13. Why is free coffee so appealing? Limit 1 per person. I've already loaded my eGift card onto their handy smartphone app. Side deal: Get 15% off any … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Lesson #1: Savings Rate


I've now spent nearly 10 years and 10,000 hours actively reading, thinking, and writing about money and the pursuit of financial freedom. I've still got a few years until early retirement but I can finally see the finish line. I've been meaning to … [Read the rest]

How Often Should I Rebalance My Investment Portfolio? Less Than You Might Think


An important tenet of portfolio construction is rebalancing your portfolio to maintain your desired risk profile and also provide the best risk-adjusted returns. The next question is usually - Okay, so how often do I rebalance? Well, this … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Portfolio Update – June 2014 Income

There is an ongoing investing debate as to whether you should focus on income or total return. I personally believe that you should focus on total return but realize that income is a critical part of that total return. If you want to live off the … [Read the rest]

Early Retirement Portfolio Update – June 2014 Asset Allocation


I want to get back to doing quarterly updates to our investment portfolio, which includes both tax-deferred accounts like 401(k)s and taxable brokerage holdings. Other stuff like cash reserves (emergency fund) are excluded. The purpose of this … [Read the rest]

Book Review: The Four Pillars of Investing


Update: Yanking this one from waaaay back in the archives! Today (6/4) only, the Kindle eBook version of The Four Pillars of Investing is only $1.99. I read this book nearly 10 years ago, and I still have my hardcover copy sitting on my bookshelf. … [Read the rest]

Amazon Student: Buy $50 in Gift Cards, Get $10


Amazon Student is running a gift card promotion where if you buy $50 or more of selected gift cards by June 15th, you'll get a free $10 gift code by June 30th. Give them as Father's Day gifts or use them yourself. (The $50 card with a faux wood … [Read the rest]

Citibank Checking Billpay and Mobile Check Deposit $100 Promotion

Citibank is running a $100 bonus promotion good for existing checking account customers. You have to first enroll in the offer by 7/31/14, and then you can earn $10 per month for doing each of the following activities from … [Read the rest]