OhmConnect: Get Paid For Saving Energy One Hour Per Week


OhmConnect is a start-up that works with consumers and their local utilities to lower energy costs and save money together. Before reading any further, it appears that cash payments currently only work with customers of PG&E, SDG&E or Southern … [Read the rest]

Ally Bank vs. Goldman Sachs Bank CD Interest Rate Comparison


After last week's WSJ article about interest rates, I noticed that both Goldman Sachs Bank USA (GS Bank) and Ally Bank have both been hiking rates on their CDs. Competition is good and I like that they both still show the desire to stay at the top as … [Read the rest]

How Much Do Other Parents Help Pay For College Tuition?


As the school year ends, I am reminded that my children are another year closer to college. I still remember paying off my own $30,000 in student loan debt, and now I am worried about saving up for their tuition. While I still maintain that … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash Savings – May 2017


The WSJ article Bank of America Pays Peanuts for Deposits, but the Money Keeps Flowing In (paywall) outlines how BofA gets away with paying less interest on its deposits than nearly any other US bank (not that the other mega-banks are that much … [Read the rest]

Best Places to Find a Decent Used Car For Under $1,000


I suppose my pre-Uber generation might be the last one to equate having your own car with fun and freedom. In high school, I would comb through the "Under $2,000" section of the newspaper classified ads every day. How it looked didn't matter as … [Read the rest]

If someone promises to pay you back, they probably won’t pay you back.


Back in the stone age of P2P lending (aka 2006), I used to read through Prosper loan listings one-by-one. Borrowers would outline their monthly budgets showing how they could afford their loan payments, along with explanations of why they needed the … [Read the rest]

Buffett and Munger: S&P 500 vs. Berkshire Hathaway

Instead of watching the entire 6-hour Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) annual shareholder's meeting, I first read through the WSJ highlights and then watched selected parts of the Yahoo Finance replay which interested me. One interesting topic was about … [Read the rest]

Best No Fee 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards


Whether you need to save interest on your existing balances or you'd like an interest-free loan, many credit cards offer 0% APR balance transfers for an initial period of up to 21 months. I've looked at hundreds of cards online, scoured the "Terms … [Read the rest]

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting: Live Video and Transcript Links


Although most of my portfolio is in a diversified mix of index funds, I also own individual shares of Berkshire Hathaway and collect advice from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. I believe that understanding how to analyze individual businesses … [Read the rest]

Vanguard ETF & Mutual Fund Expense Ratio Changes (April 2017)


Updated and revised. Here are the highlights from the April 2017 expense ratio update: Vanguard Total Stock Market (VTI) is now 0.04%. Vanguard 500 Index (VOO) is now 0.04%. Vanguard Total Bond Market (BND) is now 0.04%. In April 2016, it … [Read the rest]

Free eBook on Reducing Smartphone Data Usage


Ting Mobile has a free Cut Your Data eBook (PDF) about lowering your cellular data usage. The eBook is a nice collection of data cutting tips that ideally don't reduce your actual enjoyment. Examples include: How to turn off background … [Read the rest]

My Portfolio Asset Allocation Thought Process

A reader asked me to expand on the thought process behind my asset allocation choices. I don't have a highly scientific answer, but here's how I would explain it to a friend over drinks. Prepare yourself for some rambling... I know that I … [Read the rest]