Vanguard Target Retirement Fund Changes 2015


I always keep track of the Vanguard Target Retirement 20XX Funds because: They are a low-cost, broadly-diversified, "all-in-one" fund that I think are a good starting point for both beginning investors and those desiring simplicity. I have … [Read the rest]

The Position of F- You and Financial Independence

In the recent movie The Gambler, a loanshark named Frank explains the Position of F- You to gambler Jim Bennett. (Played by actor John Goodman.) Warning: Lots of explicit language ahead! (Embedded … [Read the rest]

Best 529 with FDIC-Insured High Yield Savings: Interest Rates Up to 2.25% APY

Many people want to take advantage of the tax benefits of 529 college savings accounts, but don't want to deal with the volatility of stocks or bonds. Perhaps the beneficiary will need the funds soon, or you want the security of FDIC insurance. … [Read the rest]

Discover it Miles Card Review: 3% Cash Back During First 12 Months


Discover started with one credit card. Over the years, they expanded to a bunch of different cards. Back in 2013, they nuked all of them and started fresh again with the Discover it Card. But you know that simplicity never suits large … [Read the rest]

Costco Switches to Citi and Visa in April 2016

Follow-up on Costco dropping American Express. Costco has announced that it will only accept Visa credit cards at its stores starting April 1, 2016. American Express credit cards will no longer be accepted on that date. Customers can still use … [Read the rest]

Berkshire Hathaway 2014 Buffett Letter: Buy Businesses, Not Currency


Berkshire Hathaway has released their 2014 Letter to Shareholders [pdf]. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Warren Buffett taking over the company (1965-2015), both Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger wrote separate letters discussing both the … [Read the rest]

Voya Corporate Leaders Trust Fund: Replicating a Buy & Hold Fund From 1935


Imagine that it is 1935, and the US has just survived the Great Depression. You think to yourself - if a company can survive this, it's got to be pretty solid. So you buy equal amounts of stock from 30 of the largest US companies, and hold them... … [Read the rest]

H&R Block Online Review – 2014 Tax Year Features and Screenshots


Here is my 2014 review of H&R Block Online DIY tax preparation software, to complement my TurboTax 2014 review and TaxACT 2014 review. I filed my personal tax return using each of the "Big 3" and I will try to share the overall experience along … [Read the rest]

Fidelity IRA Match: Switch and They’ll Match Your Contributions Up to 10%


Fidelity has released an infographic [pdf] about the power of saving 1% more of your income: To coincide with this, Fidelity started a related promotion to entice folks to move over their IRA assets to them. The Fidelity IRA Match is … [Read the rest]

The Best Credit Cards For Millionaires Who Count Their Miles… and The Rest of Us


The sales pitch for American Express has always been that their cardholders are wealthy and thus big spenders, which in turn justifies their above-average transaction fees charged to merchants. The theory is a merchant won't mind paying more in fees … [Read the rest]

Big Picture Financial Advice from Jonathan Clements


Here is some "big picture" financial advice from author and columnist Jonathan Clements. I'd like to collect enough of these tips from notable people and make a compilation post. Clements recently wrote his last column "How to Live a Happier … [Read the rest]

AssetBuilder 2015 Annual Letter: Currency Effects and Interactive Returns Tool


I enjoy reading articles by Scott Burns (also here) because he sometimes offers a unique perspective on things. He recently released the 2015 Annual Letter for his asset management company AssetBuilder. The whole thing is a good read, but here are … [Read the rest]