No-Thanks-giving: The Things You Hate The Most


Before we get into being all thankful for family and friends and caffeine and stuff, let's complain about all the stuff you hate dealing with. From a WSJ article on why we still hate the airline industry (shocker!), here is a list of what good … [Read the rest]

Dinner: The Playbook Book Review – Preplanning is Critical For Success

We hit consecutive 10 weeks of cooking at home x 5 times a week! (Now we're going on vacation so the streak must end.) Some days are fun, some days you just want to get it on the table. Since I liked the first book by Jenny Rosenstrach so much, … [Read the rest]

Cooking Dinner At Home: The Flowchart


I believe that most people would like to cook their own food at home, but sometimes the best intentions still end up with me eating Panda Express with those darn little splintery chopsticks! After many weeks of trying to cook meals at home, I've … [Read the rest]

Chart: Stocks and Bond Returns Tend To Move In Opposite Directions


Inside this AllianceBernstein post about the more complex concepts of levering bonds and risk parity strategies, there was a reminder about simple portfolio construction. For a very long time now, holding both stocks and bonds has been considered a … [Read the rest]

How to Win the Loser’s Game: Free Documentary recently released a free documentary about the fund management industry and the effect of their high fees on the returns of everyday citizens. "How to Win the Loser's Game" includes interviews with Vanguard founder John Bogle, … [Read the rest]

Best Frugal Chicken Broth: Most Flavor For The Least Money?


For me, cooking at home means using a ton of chicken broth and chicken stock (yes there are technically differences between broth and stock but mostly the terms are used interchangeably in recipes). It comes in handy in all kinds of recipes, and … [Read the rest]

Top 1% of Income at Age 30 = $135,000 a Year


I've never been into the whole 1% politicized debate, but Derek Thompson at The Atlantic has put out another chart that just begs for a glance. The richest percentile of Americans makes many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. So how could … [Read the rest]

PNC Bank Card + Visa Checkout $10 Bonus

Get a $10 statement credit via this link when you enroll in Visa Checkout with a PNC Bank Visa debit or credit card by 12/31/2014. You don't actually have to buy anything for this promotion. Visa Checkout allows you to pay at participating … [Read the rest]

Bank of America Card + Visa Checkout $10 Bonus

Get a $10 Prepaid Reward Visa® Card via this link when you enroll in Visa Checkout with a Bank of America Visa debit or credit card by 12/4/2014. You'll need to be a new Visa Checkout account customer and add a BofA consumer card, but the promo … [Read the rest]

American Express Small Business Saturday 2014 – $30 Total Bonus Per Card

Shop Mall Logo

Reminder: Registration is now live on You will get e-mail confirmation. I would highly recommend registering sometime on Sunday to guarantee your spot, as the number of registrations is limited. The actual day that you must make … [Read the rest]

AmEx Small Business Card Offers: $150 off $150 AT&T Wireless


Quickly since this won't apply to everyone - If you have a American Express Business card with OPEN, check to see if you were offered $150 back at AT&T Wireless. Simply log into your AmEx account online and scroll down until you see the “Amex O … [Read the rest]

Raise App: Buy Gift Cards on Smartphone Right Before Purchase


I prefer shopping tips that let you save money on stuff you'd already buy anyway. lets you buy and sell gift cards online, and according to them they are the largest online marketplace for gift cards (plus they've raised $25M in venture … [Read the rest]