American Express AmEx Everyday and Amex Everyday Preferred Credit Card Review


American Express has just introduced two new rewards credit cards called the AmEx Everyday and AmEx Everyday Preferred. Note that these are NOT the same as the Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred cards. They are worth a look as they offer … [Read the rest]

Frugal Mattress Shopping Tips and Our Experiences


Shopping for a new mattress bed is confusing and annoying. Sadly, that's exactly how it was designed to be. This Slate article talks about this maddening process and offers a few tips: Mattress makers intentionally hinder comparison shopping … [Read the rest]

How To Never Retire: Cash Out Your 401(k) When Leaving a Job

I mentioned Charlie Munger and his principle of inversion in a recent book review. Sometimes the best solution to a problem comes by approaching it backwards. You can learn more about it by reading the transcript from Mungers' 2007 USC Law School … [Read the rest]

Bank of America Overdraft Fee Refund


Updated 2014. Although I originally wrote this post in 2009, it (unfortunately) still gets regular traffic. Bank reforms instituted in 2010 made overdraft "protection" only applicable on an opt-in basis on ATM/debit card usage. Despite this … [Read the rest]

5% Cash Back Credit Cards: Rotating Categories Update 2014


2nd quarter activation now open for all cards. The cards below offer a hefty 5% cash back on certain categories that rotate each quarter. With a little extra attention, I can easily rack up hundreds of dollars in additional rewards per year without … [Read the rest]

Amazon Mom 3-Month Trial + 50% off Diapers

Amazon Mom is a program that has some nice perks for parents (open to anyone... mom, dad, grandparent, or caretaker). The main draw is the 20% off diapers & wipes (5% Subscribe & Save discount + 15% Amazon Mom discount) and the fast shipping. If … [Read the rest]

Do We Regret Paying Off Our Mortgage? One Year Update


It has been a year since we paid off our mortgage early. I already discussed our reasons for doing so in that post, so I won't repeat them here. I also wrote a really long post on every single facet I could think of in the Pay Off Mortgage Early … [Read the rest]

Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Doesn’t Help Homeownership?


The mortgage interest tax deduction primarily helps the wealthy buy bigger houses rather than increase homeownership rates, according to a new study quoted by this WSJ article. The study found that such tax benefits have help increase the size of … [Read the rest]

The Up Side of Down: A Book About Failure


Failure. Or as Megan McArdle puts it - "deep, soul-crushing periods of misery following stupid mistakes that kept me awake until the small hours of the morning in a fog of anxiety and regret." Yup, I've been there. I was afraid that the new … [Read the rest]

Discover It Card Review: Improved, 5% Cash Back Categories, Free FICO Score


(2nd Quarter activation open. I just logged on and noticed that you can now register to get 5% cashback on up to $1,500 in purchases in Home Improvement Stores, Furniture Stores, and Bed Bath & Beyond from April to June 2014. 5% rewards start … [Read the rest]

The Power of Compound Interest Shown in a Single Chart


It's not just how much you save, it's when you save that matters. The best time to start is now. This is the power of compounding returns, which this single chart will help you visualize: Susan (grey) invests $5,000 per year from age 25 … [Read the rest]

American Airlines Free Bonus Miles – Facebook Required


American Airlines has a new AAdvantage Passport Challenge where you can earn free bonus miles for various small activities: Play trivia and other games to earn up to 700 miles Share and complete social actions to earn up to 350 miles Take … [Read the rest]