Only 2 days left to enter MyMoneyBlog Giveaway! (Open to ALL)

Just a friendly reminder to enter the MyMoneyBlog Giveaway if you want a free chance to win a free music CD or Starbucks card. It’s open to all, but as of right now only 10 people have entered. So they have a 50/50 chance of winning right now! Giveaway ends Friday at 3pm Eastern.

The turnout is a bit lower than I had hoped, I’m thinking it’s partly due to the fact that the e-mails show to the public? Use a Hotmail or Yahoo account! Or maybe the prizes just suck =P. I am not collecting e-mails for a mailing list.


  1. lol, I’m hoping it stays this way. 50/50!!! woohoo!

    maybe you want to extend the contest deadline for a bit?

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