OneSuite 2.5 cents/minute Long Distance + 10-15% Bonus Promotion

Before I switched to VoIP and cell phones, I used exclusively for long distance calls. The charge a meager 2.5 cents/minutes for calls to the lower 48 if you live an urban area, 2.9 cents otherwise. Great international rates too. To top it off, they are currently having a November Promotion where you get a 15% bonus on recharges, and a 10% bonus on new sign-ups!

In my opinion, their greatest innovation was ZipDial. Instead of having to remember some long 800-number and a PIN number, you just register your home phone number and poof! no more PIN needed. So just put their number on speed-dial and you’re all set. You can even assign commonly called numbers to a two-digit ‘RapiDial’ number.

So for a while I had calling the parents down to hitting 3 keys. Of course with cell phones now it’s 1. Ah technology, nagging in the press of a button.

I know someone will want to bring up Skype. I’ve never tried it, but you can’t dial real phones right? If not, I’m sure my parents would never figure it out.


  1. Anonymous says:
  2. I have been using Onesuite for many years now we call China all the time from Texas and it’s only 2.2cents. Service has been great except couple of hiccups earlier last month.

  3. Thanks for the SkypeOut link. Looks good for international calls. 2.1 cents to the US, a little better than OneSuite but you’re tethered to the computer. Not that I’m not on the computer all the time anyways.

  4. People actually found a loophole in using skype. You can actually call a 1-800-free-411 type service (which skype allows free 1-800 calls) use their directory service and be connected for free.

    How to

  5. I have a question that I have tried three times to get OneSuite to answer. Since I don’t yet subscribe to their service, they do not seem to want to respond to my emails. Maybe someone perusing this site can provide me with an answer.

    Can OneSuite be used or “Local Long Distance”, also referred to as “Regional Toll Calls”?

  6. You can call any phone number in the country, even you own area code if you wanted to. It’s like a calling card, and will not appear on your local telephone bill. Hope that helps!

  7. These guys are awesome. I use them primarily to call South America as I have family there I speak with regularly. I have never seen a $20 bill go so far.

  8. I know this is an old entry but I want to add that this service is still as inexpensive as ever. My brother and his wife moved to Japan in 2005 and OneSuite allows both my parents and I to talk to him without a big cost or hassle.

  9. Anthony says:

    It’s been a year since I got here in the U.S. and the number one thing I did was to look for a cheap alternative to long distance calls. My GF, Parents and close friends are back in the Philippines and they’re not on a computer all the time so I need a real phone to call them. Searching the web got me to website and the rest are history.

    Oh by the way, you guys are correct, my $20 goes a long long way.

  10. I am a former SunRocket subscriber and I just want to give props to Onesuite for doing a good job so far. It’s only been a month since I signed up with Onesuite but I am very satisfied with their service. Customer support guys are polite and very well mannered.

    What made me switched however was because of their VOIP service pay as you go plan. $2.95 monthly fee is free for the first month until 08/20. So far all my calls are good and Onesuite has a lot of features other voips or prepaid phone cards doesn’t have like online transaction access in real time, online phone book and pinless dialing.

    Overall Onesuite suits my needs and my budget as well.

  11. Mary wrote:

    Can OneSuite be used or ?Local Long Distance?, also referred to as ?Regional Toll Calls??

    My Onesuite can call any type of long distance calls, whether intrastate or interstate and will get charge the same 2.5c per minute. International rates vary from one country to another though. But now that Onesuite added voip in their service, some international rates are cheaper when you use their voip.

  12. Onesuite rates are very competitive and quality is very good too. Just one of a happy user here.

  13. Onesuite still cheap as ever plus they added fax features where you can receive and send fax cheap. Unlimited incoming fax is only $1 a month!

  14. We use OneSuite in our family too and we are very much happy with their service. What I like the most with their service is you can access you account details online in real time so you can monitor your phone usage. You can call also their phone support anytime and I mean anytime.

    If anyone is going to sign up, you can use the OneSuite promotion code A72C06584 for 5% bonus based on your sign up amount and another 5% when you add money the first time in your account.

  15. I just talked to Onesuite phone support person and I am very pleased with the service I got. She’s very polite and helped me in more ways than one.

  16. Here’s a 15% Onesuite bonus promo code I’ve found – OSNEW15

  17. Onesuite just recently slashed down its rates to dozens of countries around the world. They cut down the rates up to 75 percent off. Check the new rates here ->

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