Ohio CollegeAdvantage 529 Bonus Extended to Dec. 18th

For those that missed out, I just got an e-mail that the CollegeAdvantage 529 $25/$50 referral offer deadline has been extended to December 18th, 2009.

Deadline for Refer a Friend program is extended to December 18, 2009! Earn $50 for you and $25 for your friends and family!
You now have a few more days to earn a $50 referral bonus for your CollegeAdvantage account. You can earn a referral bonus when your friends and family open a CollegeAdvantage direct account by December 18, 2009. And they’ll earn $25 just for opening the account! All they need is your CollegeAdvantage referral number (which is your account number) and they can easily enroll online at www.collegeadvantage.com to receive the bonus. New accounts must be opened by December 18, 2009 in order to receive the referral bonus.

Under this promotion, college savers can get $25 for signing up (w/ my review), $50 for referring others, and $25 for starting up automatic deposits. Altogether, a couple could earn $150 free for their kid’s education this way. If you need it, my CollegeAdvantage referral code is 2439350.


  1. Can I contribute to a 529 even though I don’t have kids? I thought you need a social?

  2. Yes, you definitely can. (I don’t have kids yet either.) You can simply use yourself and your SSN as the beneficiary. Later on, you can always change the beneficiary to your child or anyone else.

  3. Ok, I am a small business owner (1 man company) and currently max out my Solo 401k. I have some more money to invest and I think I’ll start with a Roth and 529…

  4. Jonathan
    how many referrals have you gotten so far (i know i gave you 3)

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