New Pinecone Survey Sign-up Link

There appears to be a new sign-up link for the online survey panel at Pinecone Research. If that one doesn’t work, the last sign-up link I mentioned is also working again. For some background, check out my brief Pinecone review here. Keep in mind these links tend to appear and disappear quickly. I just realized that I haven’t received one of their $5 surveys in a while. Maybe it’s because I moved? Or it just me? Link via Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Another online survey company that has paid out is Greenfield Online. I don’t they are quite as good as Pinecone, but there’s nothing wrong with signing up for both.


  1. You should check your address with Pinecone because I get surveys sent to me nearly daily. I can’t keep up with all of them. It was great when they were sending out checks before you even did the survey because even if I didn’t get around to some surveys I’d still get a check. I usually complete about 6-10 a month. Takes about 30 seconds to 3 minutes each.

    Only annoying thing is now they require Java and Internet Explorer on a bunch of surveys even though I don’t see much of a point since they’re still the same old surveys.

  2. You should probably not advertise the links in your blog – I got an email from them recently stating that this is a violation of your terms with them to do so. I think they really just want your friends and family, not random strangers.

  3. Jon – I haven’t had a survey in a while too, I think it has to do with our demographic?

  4. Thanks, I’ve been looking for a signup link for a while. I’ve tried Greenfield Online before but the only surveys I ever qualified for were the non-paying ones. It wasn’t worth my time.

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