New Pinecone Survey Sign-up Link

There appears to be a new sign-up link for Pinecone Research $5 surveys the mentioned previously, via commenter Grant:

[link is dead]

If you are looking for some paid surveys that are looking for new members, check out MySurvey (see my experiences) and SurveySavvy.


  1. Awesome! danke Grant!

    I hope I get in this time. heh.

  2. Thanks! I’ve been looking for one of these for a loooong time.

  3. I was able to get in on the last “open” round…and it’s sort of fun. Definitely not a moneymaker but they ARE consistent. I’d say a $5 survey every 3-4 weeks for me, and I am in the middle of a simple product test that netted me a common household purchase for free (ok, that usually would only cost a couple of bucks, but its FREE! and useful!)

  4. Tried it and it worked! Sent me two surveys within three weeks, and a $5 check. Are there any other paid survey sites that you recommend?

  5. NFO mysurvey and surveysavvy are 2 other great survey sites that had paid me

  6. Hey everyone! If anyone happens to come across for the sign up form for PineCone Canada please let me know! I would really really appreciate it!!! Email the link to:

    Thank you so much!! ^_^

  7. Please anyone know of working link or have seen banner of Pinecone Research post it here!!!!

  8. Hi, buddies:
    I try to find the banner too. Couldn’t find it. If anyone find it, could you send me a email? Many thanks!

  9. I saw you post on your blog that you had the sign up link for Pine Cone Research..Do you really… Has it expired?


  10. hi ive been looking for months for the uk pinecone banner add but still havent found it, if anyone finds it can they post the site it is on…thanks

  11. kat white says:

    I want to join pinecone research. Does anyone know where there is a banner ad right now?

    A friend used to be a member and said that members could send a invitation for their friends to join. If this is true, can a member send me an invitation to

  12. i am interested in becoming a member of your survey do i join. thanks, donna

  13. Christa Loona says:

    someone email me a link please. šŸ™‚

  14. hello all,

    My name is gibou from Gambia, west Africa

    if anyone knows work at home jobs and paid surveys for internationals, please email the link to



  1. […] sign-up link for the online survey panel at Pinecone Research. If that one doesn’t work, the last sign-up link I mentioned is also working again. For some background, check out my brief Pinecone review here. Keep in mind […]

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