New Bedtime Reading: Modern Real Estate Practice

Modern Real Estate Practice BookI’m burned out on personal finance books, so I’m excited that I finally got my copy of Modern Real Estate Practice. I bought it for $5 including shipping from, but it is the older 1999 edition. (Is it me, or is Media Mail getting slower by the week?) This book “has trained more real estate professionals than any other book”. Every real estate agent has heard of this book, and every person I’ve spoke to recommends it as a reference. I suppose I’m giving up some updated information going with an older version, but I’m sure most things haven’t changed.

My goals with this are to prepare for getting a house in the next couple of years, and also to use it to analyze potential investment rental houses now. The books includes sections on real estate law, how agents work, and many of the little things involved in buying property. I’ll post more once I actually start reading it.


  1. Speaking of Media Mail, how long did it take to arrive? I’ve been sending books out via Media Mail and have no idea when they will be arriving…

  2. I would say 1 to 2 weeks is the average time for me. I think around now lots of heavy textbooks are flying around, so things are slowing down. I swear, these things must be marked “ignore unless you have nothing else to carry”.

    Of course, if I was a postal carrier I’d probably do the same, except for the fact that you’d have to deliver it sooner or later…

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