New PineCone Research Sign-up Link (Paid Surveys)

PineCone Research remains one of the better paying and reliable survey companies, with a payout of $3 for each 15-20 minute survey. The hardest part is getting accepted, as they only accept applications intermittently.

Here is an updated application link at Pinecone. (It probably won’t last long.) Looks open to all ages and sexes. Only one person per household can sign up.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on Pinecone and paid surveys in general here. I call them Bored Money – not terribly efficient but you sometimes get to try some neat things.

The three survey sites that I have been most active with besides Pinecone are NFO MySurvey, e-Rewards, and SurveySavvy. I like it them because they consistently offer me paid survey opportunities, they pay upon request reliably (important!), and they don’t seem to mind if I don’t do every single survey offered.


  1. I’ll give it another try and see if I qualify this time…thanks 🙂

  2. The link is already dead.

  3. MN Scout says:

    I stopped doing the PineCone Research surveys. Entire pages of radio buttons where I had to make one selection on every line of the screen and keep scrolling down was ridiculous – the surveys kept getting longer over time. I think they are just advertising to the people taking the survey.

  4. The link is already dead.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  5. The only problem with Pinecone is that you cannot opt out of surveys. Once they sent it to you, you are expected to complete it. And if you don’t, they drop you as a member.

  6. SanDance says:

    Pinecone allows you to go into vacation mode, during which time they will not send you surveys to fill out. Then you just let them know when to resume sending surveys. I know that it is just one more headache to remember, especially if you are getting ready to go on vacation.

  7. EBounding says:

    You don’t have to complete every survey. But I’d imagine they’d drop you if you skip too many.

    Their surveys have really dried up though. I’ve only received 2 in the past 4 months.

  8. I am enjoying a lot as a member. Also get to enjoy free sample 😉

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