New Home For Carnival of Investing

Although it’s far from finished, the Carnival of Investing has a fresh new home at it’s own domain. As a collaborative effort between me and another avid money blog reader/friend, there will be two people to make sure it runs smoothly. There are lots of new changes in the works, so please update your bookmarks. Right now the Carnival needs new hosts!


  1. What’s the diff between the Carnival and Seems the Carnival is redundant.

  2. is an RSS aggregator of every post by every blog (think hundreds if not thousands of posts in a week), while Carnivals usually are self-selected to be the best post by each blog author that week (think about 20).

  3. I never knew what carnival investing is. But after reading your blog, finally I’ve learned at least aew information about it. Thanks for such an informative blog.

  4. That’s awesome! I’m setting up a home for the Carnival of Business right now. I’d be happy to host the CoI again.

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