New Diehards Forum, Home Biz Tips, Books, and Carnivals

Here are some quickies:

It looks like there is a new Diehards forum in addition to the old one. I’m still not sure why they split, but both are great resources and I’m always impressed by their kindness and civility to new members.

Success From the Nest has “inspiration, tips, and advice for the home-based entrepreneur and those aspiring to be one – all served up with humor and cartoons.” It also gives me a glimpse of what it would be like to achieve my goal of being 50% self-employed/50% stay-at-home parent – check out The Myth of the Sleeping Baby and Other Fallacies for the Work at Home Parent. It doesn’t sound easy!

J.D. of GetRichSlowly shares his list of 25 best books about money. His list has a greater focus on high-level overviews of saving money and getting out of debt than my three favorite personal finance books, but we both like The Richest Man in Babylon.

If you’d rather stay online, there is literally a book’s worth of submissions at this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.


  1. Thanks for linking to the Carnival, Jonathan!

  2. Hi Jonathan – Thanks for including my site in your round-up. I appreciate it!

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