Net Worth vs. Time: My Total Portfolio Historical Performance

One thing I really like about personal finance software is the ability to see performance over time. So I decided to plot my net worth over the time I have been tracking it. I only started this blog in December 2004, but I also remembered that I calculated my net worth back in June at $30k. Here are my results:


The main thing I get from this is that we’ve been pretty consistent in our savings for the last year or so. Our savings rate is about $44,000 over 11 months, an even $4,000 per month. Wow! I don’t know if we can keep this up, but I do know that we are fortunate to able to do so. Now, it would have been nice to see a great uptick in the graph after starting this blog, since I feel I’ve learned a ton since then, but I mostly due to the stock market things have been pretty calm. I do think that we are well positioned for the future, though. Anyways, back to the Sunday newspaper…


  1. An upward graph is always impressive!

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