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My stock portfolio, previously named the MyMoneyBlog Play Money (MMBPM) fund, is now moved here at Previously, I was keeping track of it at a separate blog space, MMBPM, but that was getting a bit dry as I haven’t been doing nearly as much trading for fun as I thought I might. is run (partly? mostly?) by my friend Stephen of IRA-Cam, and offers to help host your investment accounts, keep track of its performance, and also share it with others (ergo the “open” part). Check it out, it’s cool!

This way, I can see the performance versus difference indices whenever I want. It took me a while to input all my previous trades, but I’m done! I’m happy to see I’m still in the black, barely.

I want to type more, but I’m pooped. Jury Duty stinks. More later.


  1. Have you ever heard about marketocracy ?

  2. Stephen says:

    Sure, I know about Marketocracy. It’s a great site. But they’re not a Quicken-like tool. They don’t allow back-dating of transactions, which is fundamental to a Quicken-like tool, for a reason. They are trying to track “real” performance of their contributors. allows backdating of transactions. You can “write fiction” in your account if you wanted to, but there’s no real incentive to do it.



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