MyMoneyBlog Flashback: Third Quarter

Continued from 1st and 2nd Quarter…

» Finally made up my dang mind about car insurance.
» My current favorite savings account, Presidential Bank’s Premier Savings Account, was born with a great interest.
» Talked about using credit cards efficiently by getting the best cash back of 2-5% from using the right credit cards. Also here and here.

» Finally got serious about budgeting, and did some historical analysis and set some budget target limits.
» Revealed more about me.
» Shared about getting some free money action.

» Opined about my 401k rollover options: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4.
» Got an idea about how to turn nothing into $1,000, but messed up a bit in the execution.
» Spewed forth everything I knew about online savings accounts at ING, VirtualBank, Emigrant Direct, and Presidential Bank.


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