MyCorporation Corporation/LLC Filing: Free For All Of December

If you missed it last month, MyCorporation is offering their incorporation filing services for free again for the entire month of December for a “limited time” with the coupon code MYGIFT. Usually this costs $149. Tip: You can also check out now but delay the official filing of your corporation or LLC until 2009 if you want.

Must use coupon MYGIFT to obtain discount. Document shipping, state fees, publication fees, and additional product fees are additional. Discount valid for orders placed for a new corporation or limited liability company only.

More info in this previous post.


  1. Are you sure you’ll be a real LLC after this simple process? I heard LLC law was really complicated and it would cost about 10 times more to become an LLC than a corporation. This just looks like it could be too simple to be true.

  2. LLC’s are relatively simple compared to the other structures out there. The only thing easier is a sole-proprietor.

    You could form an LLC yourself. No need to hire anybody. The trick is you need to make sure you meet all the obligations. Basically you need a checklist (which differs state-to-state).

    Companies like MyCorporation, Legalzoom, and Nolo basically offer to help you by letting you use their check list. They also fill out some paperwork which you could do yourself.

    If somebody is telling you it should cost 10x more, chances are they want you to hire them to help you. Now they may provide additional services such as advising you about what taxation structure to choose for your LLC and may help you learn how to do bookkeeping, provide tax services, or help remind or file on going compliance paperwork. But these are unrelated to the initial formation of the LLC.

  3. This is great news – I can’t believe they’re free again! They’re really giving our small businesses a chance. Thanks MyCorporation, and thanks to mymoneyblog for letting us know.

  4. Maybe it’s just in my state but filing was simple. I just had to fill out the forms online and submit to my Sec. of State and pay the state filing fee then apply for a tax id with the IRS. No third-party service was needed. Why would anyone want to pay money for something so simple? I set up my business as a Corporation, to make it an S-Corp you just file the election form with IRS in the given time frame on the form, no big deal. In my opinion, no one should ever pay a third party just to file forms to start a corp or LLC.

  5. Just so everyone is clear, MyCorporation is waiving their fee to assist you.

    You still must pay the State filing fees, typically several hundred dollars.

  6. Just want to let everyone know what MyCorp provides with the LLC service (all of this comes with the free deal):

    -preliminary company name check
    -draft and file articles/certificate of organization
    -customized and editable operating agreement
    -customized membership certificates
    -QuickBooks SimpleStart Free Starter edition
    -optional delayed filing for those who do not want to be filed until 2009 for tax reasons

    MyCorp also offers (as *optional* services with fees for those who want such additional services):

    -rush service
    -registered agent service (NOT required but available)
    -compliance services (monthly updates on tax due dates, post-formation filing due dates, etc)
    -Initial/annual/biennial report filing services

    And MyCorp also provides other filing services such as DBAs, foreign qualifications, amendments, dissolutions, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions you might have about the services or business entities in general.

    Happy holidays all!

    p.s. State fees range from $50.00 (Oregon) to $750.00 (Texas corps). Most state fees are in the $100 range. Very few state fees exceed $300.00.

  7. anonymous says:

    A quick note on fees. In California, the state application fee is $70.00, but you will also be hit with the California annual franchise tax, minimum $800/yr.

  8. J. M. Cowen says:

    FREE FOR ALL DECEMBER. is offering free incorporations for the entire month of December now…check it out. I wonder if they can afford to do that because they’re backed by Intuit. Having them be owned by Intuit helped me to trust their offering. I think Intuit offers other free products, like a version of quickbooks and maybe now the federal part of turboTax (not sure about that). Anyway, it might be helpful to know that if you didn’t catch it in time, they’re free through december now.

  9. Reminder: 9 days left to take advantage of this deal!

  10. sam cummings says:


    A corporation was created three years ago. I am the majority invesotr and there is another minority investor. we have a manager who runs the location for us. Unfortunatley, i did not do my due diligence when starting on this investment and have only recently had time to sort through the mess that has been created and thus need advice.

    Apparently, a form was filed with NY state and we have a certificate of incorporation. On that form, the incorporator is listed as the manager. On this form nowhere, is my name or the minority investor’s name listed. After speaking with the manager, it seems that no further articles or anything were filed. Over the last two years there has been no profit, only loss and no income taxes have been filed. We have paid sales taxes.

    Things are in a mess right now, but as they stand now, what needs to be done to clean up the situation? As of now am i even the legal owner of the corporation given that my and the minority investor’s names are not on the certificate.

    any help advice you may have would be great. i am trying to gather all the data before going to a attorney and have to do this subtly without alarming the manager so they do not steal more of my money! 🙁

    thanks for your help.


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