My Unclaimed Money From State of California Actually Came

Amazingly, less than two months from mailing in my claim submission, the State of California actually sent me a check for my $74.93 in unclaimed money. Thanks guys, sorry you can’t use it to plug your gaping budget hole, but I’m sure you’ll get me back somehow. 😉 Here’s an expanded listing of useful websites to see if you’ve got any money waiting for you:

  • – Listing of US government-related items, including bank FDIC insurance failures, mortgage insurance refunds, and more.
  • – State-by-state unclaimed property listings
  • California Unclaimed Property page
  • – Unclaimed pension plan benefits


  1. Money Beagle says:

    I did some searching for family and friends and found one of my friends had some unclaimed money. I told him about it and said he owed me a finders fee, but so far haven’t seen it. My guess is he never even filed for it yet. LOL.

  2. I search for family as well! I did sit on my submission claim for a few days because it required some “work” like finding my Social Security card and making a copy, using snail mail, etc. I’m sure a huge chunk of unclaimed funds in small amounts will stay unclaimed. 🙂

  3. Heck yeah! My lived in California for a couple of years. On a whim, I search for her maiden name out there after getting nothing in our home state. She has $260 bucks coming to her!

  4. Oh, she was looking over my shoulder as I was looking at the vast number of listings for her name. She said, “Hey! That’s me! That’s my address!”

  5. I’ve never seen you put your full name on the blog why start now?

  6. Are you saying I’m the state controller for California? 🙂

  7. Jonathan, thanks to you I received my unclaimed money from Texas State. It’s been in their pocket since 2009. The claim process was straight and clear. The check arrived 5 weeks after I sent out all required docs. Not a big sum, but still better than nothing. Again, thanks!

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