My Money Guide: A New Project

A few publishers used to ask me for book proposals on my views on money management, but have stopped bothering since it is quite apparent that I just don’t have the time or discipline to do such a feat. Instead, a new ongoing project for this blog is to try to collate all the knowledge that I have gained so far (and am still gaining!) into a sort of free online finance book. The ongoing rough draft will be housed here (Update: I moved it to it’s own domain — and then moved it back :P). Tentatively, I am going to call it “My Money Guide”, but I don’t really like that name.


  1. Very impressive. So cool of you to provide a free online version for your online readers like me. šŸ™‚

  2. Is it possible that a wiki version might be a better approach?

  3. I like your atricles. Did you had a chance to look at ? I like his views about many topics.


  4. Are you looking for help with something like this?

  5. I don’t know we have the critical mass to make a Wiki work.

    Clark Howard seems like an interesting show. It’s a bit over the top at times, but at least he’s pro-consumer.

    I think I’m okay now, but maybe later.

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