My Money Blog on FaceBook – Gift Card Giveaway

I’ve finally caught up to 2009 and created a Facebook Page for, with a little nudge from reader Amy. With this page, my hope is to be able to share links and other quick news that might not make it into a blog post, as well as interact with readers. Additionally, if you are a regular Facebook user and “Like” the page you’ll get all these things plus new post updates fed into your regular news feed.

To promote awareness for this bribe you into checking it out, I have set up a quick giveaway for a $15 eBay gift card that I bought from Groupon yesterday. Just visit the page and look on the left for the “Sweepstakes” tab. All you need is your e-mail. I am using the third-party app Wildfire to manage this giveaway, so you’ll need to approve a Facebook app. Contest ends Sunday night 4/3 at midnight Pacific.

You don’t need to “Like” the page to enter, but it would definitely provide me a nice ego boost. 😉


  1. I despise facebook.

    I loved using your blog / RSS feeds to get your complete content.

    Too bad I now will be missing out on some of your content because I don’t want to get sucked into “the matrix”.


  2. Congrats! Just “Liked” it!

  3. Use NetworkedBlogs for pulling content from here; the Facebook Notes approach is time-consuming as well as difficult to manage with corrections at the main site. NetworkedBlogs simply links people over to your site, and since clearly is motivated in large part by ad revenue clicks, you increase your commissions by driving people to the site with ads rather than to your Facebook Page.

    Pretty common knowledge by now in the Facebook Pages space.

  4. @Marie – Haha, don’t worry, you can also follow me on Twitter @mymoneyblog for basically the same updates. For quick links or things that will probably expire in less than 12 hours, I will try to throw it up on Facebook/Twitter from now on. I am trying to sync them together.

    @Jenna – Thanks!

    @Paul – I’m new to all this, but let me see if I follow you. NetworkedBlogs is what I would use on my Facebook profile page, right? Then my Friends would have my posts show up on their news feed. I am trying to move away from using my “Jonathan Mymoneyblog” profile page because I rarely if ever check it.

    The fan page format seems to work better because as long as you like my page then you’ll get the posts on your news feed as well. You can’t read all the content at Facebook, you’ll still have to click over to read the full post. Maybe I’m wrong about this?

  5. @Paul – Aha, now I see what you mean. I have disabled Notes and installed NetworkedBlogs. Hopefully this will do what I want. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Update! A winner for the eBay gift certificate has been chosen and notified by e-mail. Partially hidden winner: ca************

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