More Free Money Rolling In…

Last month I got $241 in free money over a weekend. This week I got $198 more!

First, I finally received my $150 Visa gift card for applying to an MBNA Charles Schwab card:

Charles Schwab MBNA Gift Card

This is going straight to buying new tires for my car. Don’t spend your free money on useless crap! Alas, the $150 offer is longer available. However, you can still get a $50: $50 Charles Schwab MBNA gift card offer.

Second, I cashed out another $48 from for referring two MyMoneyBlog readers: (they each got $24 as well)


Thanks you two! =) If you’re interested in that please click here: ex24 $24 referral bonus details. You’ll need to part with $500 for a bit, but you’ll get it back.


  1. Guess it pays to find and cash in on these deals before the companies realize that a lot of people are taking advantage of the deals solely for the incentives.

    This is what happened to the long-distance phone companies 10 years ago or so … they were giving $50 or $75 or $100 cash to switch from their competitors. Some people made quite a bundle playing them off of one another. The LD companies wised up and changed the incentives to free minutes on the bills. Too many people were soaking them, I guess.

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