March Monthly Goal Update: Taxes & More

Ok, so I’m chronically late on my monthly goals. Briefly, here is the status of the goals that I set for March:

1) “File taxes for myself and the missus…”

Done. It was a pain doing taxes for 2 states for two separate people and a joint federal tax return and trying to divy up all those incomes and figure out what’s taxable, but I think I did it right… Anyways, we ended up getting about a $1,000 refund. So in a sense, Mickey Mouse took my tax refund.

2) “Looking forward, do the research in order to find the right amount of tax withholding per paycheck in order to pay as little taxes during the year as possible without penalties and avoid giving out an interest-free loan to the IRS…”

Did a little research with this, need to look again and write up my findings. Moving this goal to this month.

3) “At At least install the Microsoft Money 2005 software that I bought along with the tax stuff, and poke around a bit…”

Done. I’m again disappointed that Bank of America will not live sync properly with MS Money, without me paying extra. Adding accounts gradually now, hopefully most will synchronize automatically. Need to make using this a habit.


  1. I have been thinking been lookig to update my financial software. After you work arounf th eMoney, do you think you could give a review, if you will, of what you think of it?

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