Monthly Goal due 12/31: Asset Allocation

Whew, I am glad this week is over. And I just lost my whole entry just now, so here goes retyping it: As in work, it’s good to have a target to work towards. First, I will assign myself short-term monthly goals, due at the end of each month. Since my initial goal this month was to start this blog (done already on 12/6), my new goal will be to decide on an asset allocation strategy for my non-retirement and retirement dough. Here is my current asset allocation for my 401k:

That is, the breakdown between different asset-types is 40% Large-Cap stocks, 20% Mid-Cap stocks, 20% International Stocks, and 20% Bonds. This breakdown was based loosely on a bunch of different websites such as MSN MoneyCentral, CNN Money, and SmartMoney, but I think I can do more research and get a more solid answer.

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