Monthly Deals & Offers Update

Here are the results from the Deals & Offers I have posted recently (see last month’s entry here). As usual, I try to only post the offers that I think are good enough to apply for myself:

Free Golf Balls from American Century Investments – Got the golf balls and prospectuses within 3 days. Nice! Not a bad company, but I still think I’d stick with T. Rowe Price for actively-managed mutual funds. Better management in my opinion and lower expenses.
Best of 0% Balance Transfer Offers – I already have both Citibank cards, and I recently cancelled the American Express one since I didn’t like the rewards program. Free money with no interest!
Free Financial Preparation Kit – Downloaded, printed-out, and… I still haven’t filled it out. Ugh, paperwork. Very good idea to do though.

Unlimited local and long-distance telephone service for $199 a year – signed up last Sunday, but no package yet. I’ll update again when it comes.
Use and get 1.57% off everything at – Still works well, just have to do a couple searches a week.
FreeTrade Brokerage: 20 Free Trades/Month – Made one trade already, with no commission as advertised. Don’t know if I’ll ever do 20/month.

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