Modest Millionaire

Saw this article on Fatwallet – Modest Millionaire, thought it’d be good to share. See more discussion here. I won’t judge the guy (who’s now deceased), but it’s an interesting story of how another person handled their money.

This reminds of when I was a little kid, I remember reading in the Guinness Book of World Records that the richest woman in the world ate gruel everyday and left hundreds of millions of dollars when she died. For some reason that stuck with me.


  1. I did not read that article but it remains me of a story I read several years back. A store owner was talking about a guy who would buy day old bread and donuts, almost expired food, read the paper in the store and put it back nicely the way he picked it up and the store owner never scolded him one day he asked the guy if the guy wanted his heating bills paid since the store owner taught he may need some help financially he was willing to pay this strangers heating cost all of it, the guy kindly declined then one day the guy passes away and the guys lawyer sends a letter and a check for a huge sum of money saying that the store owner was kind enough to him that he wanted to leave his estate to him. The store owner said he always taught the guy was a pauper and never knew how rich he really was it pays to be kind to people true story, there is also one I watched on t.v. were a lady saw a church went in side was asked to sign a book for a guy’s funeral and was trying to decline but signed it anyways she decide to sit down out of respect and realized her and the minister (whatever you wanted to call him is up to you) was the only ones there at the service, then she paid her respects said goodbye to the minister and left a few weeks later was called and told to come into a lawyers office she got his whole estate which was a huge some of money, because in his will he stated that whoever came to his funeral would inherit his entire estate, his family hated him for some reason and never showed up, if they had showed up they would have gotten his estate but instead a total stranger who decide to be respectful and stay got an entire estate from a guy she never knew, again it pays to be nice, but don’t be nice just because you want something out of it, does not work that way it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

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