MMBPM beats the S&P 500! (*by pure luck)

I was tinkering around with my stock portfolio MMBPM again and cleaned up some more transactions. I think it’s all correct now, complete with stock splits and commissions. Check it out (as of 6/17/05):

MyMoneyBlog Play Money PerformanceMMBPM Holdings

Not only am I in the black, I am beating the S&P 500 since inception of my “fund”! Of course, that’s mostly because I was 80% cash for at least the two years for much of 2001 and 2002, when the S&P 500 tanked. But it’s pretty neat to be able to see a comparison. I underperformed both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 in 2004, but I’m slightly ahead of both so far in 2005.

My last two recent trades were:

04/08/2005 Bought VNQ 10 shares @ $52.32 = $523.20
04/08/2005 Bought RIN 6 shares @ $88.00 = $528.00 (since split 2:1)

which I bought while I still had free trades under FreeTrade, before it turned into Ameritrade IZone. They are basically plays on commercial real estate development. I’m still sitting on a good percentage of cash, occassionally looking for buying opportunities.


  1. I like your RIN purchase back in April. It would have been nice to read your rationale for the buy. It looks like a large cap value stock, in a sector that was getting hot.


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