Quickies: Class Action, Free Underwear, Risky Skills, Universal Retirement Accounts

Not juicy enough for a post of their own, but enough to warrant a mention!

Sports Authority Class Action Settlement (California)
In a class action lawsuit settlement, The Sports Authority (TSA) is giving out $20 vouchers to people who shopped in a California location from 4/8/07 to 4/30/08, paid with a credit card, and were asked for their zip code. Vouchers can be used at any TSA store. Via SD.

If you are TSA California customer who was requested or required to provide your zip code and/or “Personal Identification Information” in connection with a credit card transaction at a Sports Authority store from April 8, 2007 through April 30, 2008 then you may be eligible to receive one Voucher if you complete and timely return a Claim Form to the Claims Administrator.

Free Victoria’s Secret Underwear
Present this coupon at checkout to receive your free VS Undies panty (a $7.50 value). No purchase necessary. Last day to use it in store is June 5th.

From Ordering Steak and Lobster, to Serving It
Article about a former Wall Street crude oil trader who went from earning $200,000 a year to being a waiter bringing in $25,000 a year. This isn’t a unique story, but it does get you thinking about how specialized and transferable one’s skills are. If a good nurse was laid off, I expect they could find another job within a hour’s drive in less than a month.

How can government improve retirement savings?
Scott Burns throws out two great suggestions about how the retirement savings system could improve. For one, you could open up the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) to everyone. But that would cut out trillions in annual fees for money managers. (Gasp! Send in the lobbyists!) Alternatively, Congress could simply declare that all our retirement accounts were created equal, and allow any saver to put the same amount of money either in an IRA, a 401(k), or whatever – the Unified Savings Account. Then you could invest your money anywhere, be it your employer or a private brokerage. Nah… that’s too common sense to actually happen!


  1. Frankie says:

    Used the VS coupon for some panties. Of course I felt so cheap and creepy that I bought a pair too. Oh well.

  2. Used the VS coupon. Down here in SoCal, the VS was full of ladies redeeming the coupon for free panty only.

  3. I read that WSJ article when it was posted. Fascinating, but what’s really interesting is that a guy with no college education was making $200K in the boom economy being a floor trader. I’m not saying that people without college education can’t work hard and be awesomely successful, it happens everyday. It’s just much harder to do it with a 9-5 job. Once that job goes away, your golden ticket is over.

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