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nospam.gifThis is slightly off-topic, but I’m constantly annoyed that whenever you want to simply read a news story or use their “free” service, sites often make you register and provide your name, e-mail, address, etc. I mean, it’s obvious that the only reason to do that is to (1) get demographic information for advertisers and (2) to sell your e-mail and contact info to those advertisers. Please note that MyMoneyBlog does not record or share any e-mail addresses left in the comments. In fact, an e-mail address isn’t even required to post.

I’ve already posted about, which helps this. But sometimes, BugMeNot doesn’t have the login or you might need to get an e-mail from the site. helps alleviate this by letting you set a temporary e-mail address that forwards to your real e-mail address.

For example, right now I can sign up newsletters, websites, etc, and with ‘’ and all e-mail will go to my real e-mail. If I start getting spam, I can kill the mailexpire address, and my Inbox stays clean(er).

You can choose a lifespan of 12 hours to 3 months, and change it at any time. The service is free, and I can’t find any catch, other than the fact that they now know your e-mail address. According to their privacy statement, they won’t use it for anything. Good enough for me.


  1. is a similiar service that is free, better if you ask me.

  2. I don’t subscribe to any email newsletter. Anything worth reading for me MUST offer RSS Feed. 😉

    Btw, I hope you are aware about Mailinator. They give you an email address even without registering! Great for those sites who wants to confirm your email for download etc.


  3. Wow, nice tips you have here! I’m visiting because you commented in my blog.

    You seem to have similar goals to my husband and I, so I plan to read some of your tips as we are always trying to one-up our savings and watchful spending of money.

    Considering we’re in our mid-to-late 20’s, I think we’re doing a whole lot better than most people. One could always use more tips, though!

  4. another good site is

    similiar features.

  5. Rachel Knox says:

    Unfortunately it looks like MailExpire has shut down 🙁

    Since the site shut down, I’ve started using Great temp email service.

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