LivingSocial: 5,200 Calories from McDonald’s for $13 and McDonald’s are selling a coupon booklet good for 5 Big Macs and 5 Large Fries for $13 – that’s $2.60 for each burger/fry combo. Over 200,000 sold already. Supposedly they want to sell a million vouchers like they did earlier this year with Whole Foods. Nutritional facts because I was curious:

Big Mac = 540 Calories, 29g Fat
Large French Fries = 500 Calories, 25g Fat

The means you’re getting 5,200 Calories for the bargain price of $13. 🙂 Are Cheap Calories The Reason We’re Unhealthy? Perhaps, but I’m of the crowd that really doesn’t expect wholesome food when buying fried beef and fried potatoes. I think it’s quite possible to eat well and cheap, but frankly some people prefer the taste of fast food.


  1. More like LivingLarge than LivingSocial. This will really help reduce the record obesity rate in the U.S. Not! Besides, this isn’t that great of a deal. A Big Mac Value Meal is typically in the $5-$6 range depending on location. The problem is, unless the location is running one of those specials $1 any size drink, they’re gonna get their profit out of you when you buy the separate soft drink. Isn’t a drink between $1.50 and $2? If he Value Meal is $6 and the drink separate is $1.75, then you have 13/5 = $2.60 + $1.75 = $4.35. Not that great of a savings. Might be good if you love Big Macs and typically drink coffee, tea or water with your meal.

  2. @ Jeff

    Then don’t get a soda? Not that big of a deal bud….

    Alright, you got me Jon. Sometimes a man just needs a fast food meal on the go. Plus, the voucher doesn’t expire so you don’t have to go crazy and eat everything in a month. 😉

  3. I would have probably bought this if it was either/or, so I could get 10 orders of fries for $1.30 each and just keep the voucher in my car. I know the fries aren’t good for me, but I do think they taste good and still grab them once in a while via drive thru now that I live in suburbia and have to drive by McD’s all the time. I lived for years previously in a more urban area and probably ate McD’s 5 times in 10 years.

    Big Macs, not my thing, I’ve eaten them maybe 3 times in entire life.

  4. Ugh. Cheap way to calcify your arteries… I used to eat McD’s about once a month, maybe less. I felt gross EVERY TIME. Why pay money to feel worse than you did when you were hungry? I’ve sworn off fast food burgers and fries.

  5. I like their dollar meals. Very tasty for a cheap price when I need a quick meal.

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