LivingSocial: $20 Amazon Gift Card For $10

LivingSocial is a group-buying deal-a-day website like Groupon, and I guess they want some attention too.

They’re offering a $20 gift card to for only $10, looks like at every major US city today. Over a million have been sold already, with about 10 hours left as of this writing. So hurry! (Sorry couldn’t post this earlier, I’m on the road…)


  1. Living Social’s schtik is to if you refer enough people your deal is free. My son needs a few more people to make his free. If anyone wants to use this link to buy it, he would appreciate it:

    (snip by admin – please no self-referrals)

    Please reply if you do so others know when there have been three of you.

  2. Yup, this was a great deal. Too bad you can only buy one card at this price. Another cool perk from LivingSocial is that if three people sign up through your referral link, you get your original purchase for free!

    That said, LivingSocial is certainly enjoying an incredible success today (over 1.3 million cards sold — crazy!), but can they keep up the momentum?

  3. i got something similar ($20 for $15) from groupon once. great way to boost immediate sales for companies, particularly closer to year or quarter end before earnings releases.

  4. Is it over? How do I access it?

  5. I was already a member of LivingSocial and took advantage of this deal. To make it even sweeter I posted it on my blog as well and got my card for free since several people signed up through my referral link.

  6. It doesn’t appear that you can access this deal immediately after joining. Clicking the ‘today’s deal’ link goes to the ‘how it works’ page. 🙁

  7. @Mark: I felt the same way initially when I joined yesterday and got “stuck” at the How It Works page. I don’t know if bad web programming or weird server glitches on their end or a poorly formed referral link was the cause, but closing the browser and going back to afterward resolved the problem for me. When I created my own referral link and clicked it in a new browser session, it took me immediately to the correct deal page where friends could sign in or sign up.

    Anyway, the deal is over now!

  8. I made it in time for the deal before it expired, but it said they’d e-mail me within a day with my gift certificate. Here it is more than 24 hours later and no e-mail.


    On my account page at living social, it still says “1 pending purchase.” Must be extra slow due to the popularity of this deal.

  9. OK, the e-mail finally came overnight!

  10. Great Deal – we ended up getting $40 for $10. (My dh got enough referrals to get his free).

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