Links Links Links!

Ok, so my project this Saturday morning was supposed to go through my mmb e-mails (I have been have problems with my spam filter), and also to update my links list. I totally get that everyone wants others to link to their site (I do too), because, I mean, as fun as typing for nobody to see is, it’s much more fun with readers! My policy is to link everyone who’s site I read at least once in a while, and has had a bit of a track record of posting finance-related stuff regularly. But it just gets so tedious typing html…

Then I ran across I love it when I find the exact thing that I want at the exact time when I want it! (I know, this has probably been around for years, eh?) lets you make your own link list, and you can add to it simply by using their bookmarking system. No more updating code! It even grabs the url and the title. You can sort the order by preference, alphabetical, or random. Random! That’s exactly what I wanted to do to make it fair for all. Otherwise, ‘Aardvark’s Blog’ makes it to the top of everyone’s list every day. It evens let you customize the layout using CSS. Sweet.

Ok, just though I’d share. Good tools just makes me happy. Now to get back to e-mails…

Side note to bloggers: Not everyone has the same browser or screen resolution as you. My work computer is a fishbowl 17″ CRT at 1024×768. And I don’t use up the whole screen since I usually have about 10 screens open, so it ends up more like 800×600. Which means the layout of many sites get squished, posts get pushed to the bottom, or ads end up taking up the whole screen, etc. Try a free trial of BrowserCam to see how your designs will look to your visitors across different browsers and on different operating systems. Or simply try shrinking the window while viewing it and see how it acts. Just a minor pet peeve of mine. Also, if MyMoneyBlog looks funny on your system, please yell at me and mention your browser, OS, and screen resolution. Thanks!

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