Links: Wisdom, Hope, Knowledge Edition

More posts from other bloggers that also hopefully made me wiser and smarter:

Millionaire Mommy Next Door reminds us that there is more than one right answer on how to get rich. Lots of wisdom here. While I’m reading all these financial books, I think many people who do get rich think their way is the best way, and the fact that they are rich somehow proves that. It doesn’t!

Mrs. Micah shares what busts her budget. I never though of my hopefulness as costly, but my forgetfulness is definitely up there.

JLP of AllFinancialMatters teams up with his wife to present the five things they want their kids to know about money. Highly sensible knowledge to impart!

SVB’s Digerati Life drops some tips on making 10 ordinary things last longer. It made me feel slightly better about trying not to waste the last of my shampoo by watering it down…

Ginger of GirlsJustWannaHaveFunds discusses mothers deciding whether or not to work after a baby. It’s funny how things change. For a while I was the one who wanted to stay at home with the kids, but now our goals seem to be switched. Hopefully our double-half-time idea pans out. Our financial life test-drive is working out pretty well so far.


  1. I’m a stay-at-home dad. When our son was born, my wife was making slightly more than I was, I was working from home, so it made the most sense – plus, I really wanted to do it. I cut back to part time at first, about half days, then when we had the second child, I cut back further, until it was pretty much fulltime kids. Luckily, my wife is amazing at home AND work, so we have a comfortable lifestyle, but I wouldn’t change the experience for the world.

  2. Glad to hear I’m not the only forgetful one! 🙂

  3. My husband and I, both engineers, did the double half time thing for a while. However he ended up getting a lot of pressure from his department to work full time (I did not – and we worked at the same company!). So he returned to full time after a while. We happened to have a helpful grandparent nearby who watches the little one when I work (still part time). It is completely do-able – I think more so as companies start to move towards offering flexibility that younger generations want.

  4. Mrs. Micah – You have no idea….

    ttfitz and Jessica – Thanks for sharing your experiences. This is a constant topic of discussion now for us.

  5. I too, have lost $$ for being forgetful and disorganized. It’s something I’ve been working to improve upon since day one…

    Cool list!

  6. Millionaire Mommy Next Door says:

    I think the double-half-time plan is a great option for working parents and the kiddos. I know our daughter digs spending one-on-one time with me and her daddy.

    Thanks for the mention.

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