Links: 1/3rd Of My Blogroll Edition

Here are some links from sites in my blogroll, not in the alphabetical order of their blogs, but their names. I tried (very unsuccessfully) to make something clever related to the actual titles when possible. My apologies to the English language.

  • 2million decided to open up a bank account in China. How much is $2 million RMB?
  • Boston Gal discovers that fake grass is expensive. Yes it is, but could it possible end up more eco-friendly than our current water-thirsty and fertilizer-eating lawns?
  • Canadian Capitalist points out that passive investing let you live your life.
  • Dong gets Asked: Is the Wii all that? I don’t think so, but I’m never been much of a video game person. It is good for socializing though.
  • Emily Brandon interviews folks to find out their stories of unplanned retirements.
  • Grant and his Corner Office poses an interesting question about airlines – why are many airlines willing to operate at a loss for so long? All I know is that $15 for the first bag is stupid. If fuel costs are the issue – will we see people being charged by the pound next?
  • IndexFundFan shares his May 2008 Portfolio return. So many asset classes!
  • J.D. shares another way to Get Rich Slowly by subscribing to Craigslist Search Results to get fast updates on new listings. I still search for cheap Jeep Wranglers and beater Toyota Trucks daily when I take breaks, even though I’m not allowing myself to buy one right now.
  • Jim Bargaineered his way into an insurance policy for his engagement ring.
  • Michael Muses about Money when he shares a video of a guy trashing his house because it’s in foreclosure. That’ll show the world…
  • Patrick asks which shift do you prefer to work for your cash money?
  • Single Ma’s Fabulousless shines through when she talks about living life on her terms and doing what she has to do to get what she wants.
  • Tricia continues Blogging Away Debt even though sometimes it may feel like a roller coaster.


  1. Canadian Capitalist says:

    Thanks for the link. That’s a nice selection of posts πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the link man, I don’t think bargaineered is an actual verb though. πŸ™‚

  3. I thought a couple of those were pretty clever! or at least punny enough….

    Besides, the English language is meant to be butchered. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the mention.

  4. good line up

  5. “All I know is that $15 for the first bag is stupid. If fuel costs are the issue – will we see people being charged by the pound next?”

    Ha, I laughed when you asked this. Me + suitcase = still less weight than the average guy, so my luggage should be free! πŸ™‚

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