January 2005 Financial Status Update

Not quite 2005, but I’m going on vacation on Friday, so here is my monthly snapshot:


My net worth increased by $3006 since last month’s snapshot, which is pretty nice but a little skewed since I get paid bi-weekly and I got 3 paychecks this month. My non-retirement funds now total $25,411, an increase of $2045. Not bad considering since this includes my holiday damage. More analysis on these results later…


  1. My God man! The first thing you should do is pay off your huge credit card debt! Looks like you have the cash to do it, and I would bet the interest you pay on the credit cards is a lot higher than the interest you get from your cash. Also, the cash interest is taxable, and the credit card interest is not tax-deductable!

  2. Haha! Your interest comment is key – all that “debt” is at 0% APR, which I am placing in an FDIC insured account earning anywhere from 2.3 to 2.75% interest. Free Money!

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