It’s a Small World after all, It’s a Small World after all…

Whew, my plane landed late last night, and I’m still digging out from under work e-mails. Along with various awful Disney songs, I’ve also got lots of post ideas in my head and some written in Notepad on my laptop, so hopefully I’ll be able to start blogging again soon. Most likely not ’til tomorrow.

On a side note, remember Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Supposedly the “Rich Dad” was actually a real guy, named Chin Ho, who was a really successful businessman in Hawaii, where Kiyosaki grew up. I guess people in Hawaii know this through word of mouth, but I can’t find any documentation about it online. Anyways, my wife actually went to school with the grandson of Mr. Ho. Apparently Rich Dad was a poor Chinese immigrant, which might explain the lack of formal education. Anyways, if this is true, it really is a small world. Ha! Now the song is stuck your head too!


  1. I came to the same conclusion that Rich Dad is Chinn Ho after having done some Internet research piecing it together a few years ago. Chinn Ho developed the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki and Makaha beach on the west shore of Oahu and these are indirectly referred to in Robert Kiyosaki’s books.

    I met Peter Ho but didn’t know he was the grandson at the time. I worked at a certain well known travel company that was growing but had some short term financial performance problems. It was very helpful of the Bank of Hawaii to restructure the loan covenants in 1998 during a rebuilding year. prior to the company’s very successful IPO in 1999. Now Peter is the number 2 officer in the bank.

    Even though Robert does not ever name ‘Rich Dad,’ I have no doubts that he received both ‘Rich Dad’s’ advice (rather than a composite) and compared it to that of his real dad Ralph Kiyosaki.

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