iPod Shuffle Mania – Another Opportunity Lost

Every Apple announces a new product, the capitalist in me says “run to the Apple store tomorrow. Buy as many as you can carry, and re-sell them on eBay. With the profit, keep one for yourself basically free”. Like this guy who bought ten of ’em (not the blogger, the guy in the picture)! And when I was in college I very might well have does that. But now as a working stiff I just can’t spend 3 hours in line to buy toys. I do have an silver Apple iPod Mini that I got for Christmas, which is awesome.

Apple’s new iPod shuffle (retail $99) now has a 2-4 week wait time, and the average going price on eBay is $140. That’s a swift 40% profit, even with the fees since shipping is usually about $10 and costs $4.

If I bought 10 iPods x $40 = $400. If the line was 4 hours long, that’s still $100/hour, which is definitely more than I make. Still, I’d have to take time off work, and I value vacation time at more than $100/hour! Now if I bought 100


  1. Actually, if you read my post again, you’d see at the end of 2nd paragraph: “Luckily, as this was the only product people were buying, the long lines actually moved reasonably fast and I was out of there in less than 30 minutes with my shiny new iPod.”

    I guess pictures speak louder than words in this case. 😉


  2. Thanks for the clarification! I must have mixed up articles or something. Only 30 minutes! I’ve waited longer than that at the post office.

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